Published on October 15, 2017 in News

It is October and that is the month of Halloween. It is a holiday that mainly has a long tradition a lot in the United Kingdom, the United States and Ireland. However, the party is also becoming increasingly popular in the Australia. More and more people go on October 31, Halloween's Day, dressed over the street in creepy clothing. Also with Mr. Green Casino is celebrated Halloween this year. Not only on October 31 only two weeks. As a player of the online casino, you also have a chance to win part of the prize pool of 20,000 euros. In this news item you can read the instructions to participate in the action.

Release of the Halloween video slot

The Halloween party at Mr Green is extra specially specially because this is accompanied by the release of a lock that carries the name of the holiday. It is a video slot that is based on the classic film from 1978 in which the main character, Michael Myers, death and destruction sows in the small American town of Haddonfield. If you play on this slot from Wednesday 11 October to Tuesday 24 October, then you win tickets for the lottery at the end of the month in which 20,000 euros are given to cash. In addition, there are two other slots with a Halloween theme where you can also earn these tickets.

1 or 2 lottery tickets for every 20 euro deployment

The Halloween promotion at Mr Green has received the name Trick or Treat. Named after the well-known spell that expresses children when the door opens at the house where they ride on Halloween evening. It is best to play on the aforementioned Halloween Slot. Here you get to bet every 20 euros that you place 2 tickets for the lottery. The slots lost Vegas and beautiful bonus, which also have a creepy theme, participate in the promotion. However, if you place 20 euros on bets here, you will receive 1 ticket for the lottery. It is therefore smarter to test your luck on the Halloween slot. Each player can collect an unlimited number of tickets to the end of the promotion. The more tickets you have, the more likely you make money prizes of course.

Prices and conditions of the promotion

The prices that you can win with the Halloween promotion at Mr Green are very interesting. As we have already told you, the total prize pool is 20,000 euros. These cash prizes are divided as follows.

  1. 1x 2.000 euro
  2. 3x 1,000 euros
  3. 10x 500 euro
  4. 20x 250 euro
  5. 50x 100 euro

In total, 84 players can win a nice amount of money when their ticket is drawn during the award ceremony. If you have a lot of luck it is even possible to drag two prizes. The conditions of the promotion are also very favorable. The money that you can win is cash and no bonus money. This means that you do not first have to put the amount a minimum number of times, as is the case with many bonuses. The cash can possibly be paid immediately. On October 25, the following will take place and all winners will receive the won price on their account by 26 October before 6 o'clock in the evening. A nice extra bonus to experience a nice evening during the real Halloween evening.