Published on May 5, 2019 in News

The youngest branch of Holland Casino was opened in the Amsterdam district of Sloterdijk last year. This location is called Amsterdam West by the location in the western part of the capital. For example, a distinction is made with the other location in Amsterdam that is located in the center. It is almost exactly a year since the ultramodern building has opened its doors. Incidentally, these doors have recently become closed, because this casino site has received permission from the municipality Open 24 hours a day to stay. We already have a message about this news. Today we are going to talk about the next anniversary of Holland Casino Amsterdam West. The birthday boy will give up a lot of prizes on the festive day and in the run-up to this.

Collecting lots for prize draw

On the days prior to the one-year anniversary of the location in Amsterdam West you can use many extras as a gambler. From today you can get a second glass of champagne for free from today. The casino also provides live entertainment almost daily. This one promotions Ensure that if you were considering it to visit the Holland Casino with your friends, that you now have an extra excuse. Where most gamblers will be interested in more, are the prices you can win. Until May 15 you can gather lots every day with which you can win a large number of prizes at the birthday party.

You can watch lots for the tombola, among other things by betting on certain numeric combinations at roulette or by gaining specific jackpots on a slot machine.

Mystery Jackpots win on slots

Playing on slots during the days in run-up to May 15 is a smart idea. With these games of chance you already have an excellent opportunity to win, but on the festive days there are extra mystery jackpots with which you can enrich yourself. Among other things, you can win half a minute in the Money Shower. This is a kind of shower cubicle filled with brief money. The winner may stand in the closed space and then a number of powerful fans are turned on. All banknotes that you can get out of the air in 30 seconds, they are yours. With a little luck and what skill can you get a big profit here. Live Bingo is also recommended these days. Every day extra prices will be given away with the game.

The main prize is diamond worth 2500 euros

On Wednesday 15 May it is finally that far. The big day has then arrived and because this casino site is open 24 hours, it is good to know that the starting signal in the morning is given at 10 am. From that moment on every early gambler, free cake and coffee is available. Free snacks are distributed to visitors all day long. It is the last chance this day to win lots for the tombola. You can do this by, among other things, to put on the number 1 at Roulette and gaining the bet by gaining a few azen to the blackjack table or by winning Jackpots on one of the slots. The trek will take place in the evening. A large number of gifts will be awarded, but the main prize is what everyone hopes. Every participant has a chance to win a Gassan Diamonds diamond worth 2500 euros.