Published on June 15, 2018 in News

This week is the party at Holland Casino in Eindhoven. The location in the south of the country exists 25 years. This is of course accompanied by the necessary festivities. An additional reason to visit the casino in the city's coming weekend. There are nice extra prices to win and visitors enjoy more benefits because of the jubilee party. For example, gamblers are allowed to pay in the branch until Sunday 17 June without admission. There are cash prizes to win and every day there are musical performances by famous bands and singers. You can read all the details about the coming days at Holland Casino Eindhoven here.

History gambling in Eindhoven

On Sunday, June 13 in the year 1993, Holland Casino opens its branch doors in Eindhoven. The property is located in the De Heuvel shopping center and is located right in the center of the city. 25 years ago it was the ninth branch of Holland Casino in the Australia. Maybe it comes through this exclusivity or by the easily accessible location in the city, but the casino site in Eindhoven was a great success immediately from the start. The first months of existence there were long rows for the door of people who wanted to gamble inwards. At a given moment the establishment was even responsible for 5% of the total turnover of the state-owned company. This is an admirable achievement because there are many greater casinos that run less sales.

Holland Casino gives extra prices away

Where Holland Casino is known in Eindhoven, the number of huge jackpots won by gamblers. Multiple cash prizes of more than 2 million euros have been paid here. This makes the establishment responsible for most multi-millionaires. The most striking event was the day that the Mega Jackpot fell twice one day. Enough cash prizes will also be won during the 25-year anniversary. Here the casino also ensures due to extra prices we give. People who come to visit between 13 and 17 June all get a lot like Welcome bonus With which they participate in a draw in which 500 prizes are given away. Players have a chance to win 10 Mystery Jackpots of 2525 euros on the slots. On the Roulette, Punto Banco and Blackjack tables in the casino are given a happy winners three times 3 kilos of tokens. The value of this is also 2525 euros. People who celebrate their birthday between 13 and 17 June that also receive a free Deluxe package for 4 people.

Calendar Musical Entertainment

At a good party, of course, is part of music. This ensures the necessary cosiness and that task can let people in North Brabant leave. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the most famous artists give a performance in the casino. Today Friday, June 15, for example, there is an 80's show with the 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor. Tomorrow Saturday 16 June we will go 10 years further in time, because then honor is a 90's show with Twenty 4 Seven. Sunday June 17 is the Climax of the 25-year-old existence. At the end of the afternoon none other than Willeke Alberti performs. Even if you don't plan to gamble, this is enough reason to visit the Holland Casino in Eindhoven this weekend. It will be nice and cozy these days.

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