Published on December 28, 2019 in News

The two days we celebrate Christmas are just over and it is always nice to read some good news that your heart gets a little warmer. For example, it is pleasant to hear that the Holland Casino location In Enschede in these days of the year not only thinks of the profit motive. The company has a nice Christmas tradition that she has been alive for several years. With Christmas, she take care of a buffet for 70 home and homeless people from the region. This year, the less fortunately have eagerly used this generous offer.

Everyone minimal right to a good meal

Frank Scharrenberg is an employee of Holland Casino and one of the initiators of the Christmas dinner for the homeless. A tradition that is already being arrested for six years. He believes that a company has always has a social responsibility and must be involved in the region where they are located. Certainly in periods and at Christmas everyone has the right to some good days. A good meal is a minimal requirement during the days. This is therefore the objective that the initiative has started.

Worry for a moment

A few reporters from local newspapers and television were also invited to dinner. They asked the guests to their response. It seems to it mainly that the Christmas dinner is a way to put the worries on the side and enjoy some good food. However, when one at night with a full belly excludes the building then it is back to reality for everyone. For example, people complain that the other days of the year often no attention is paid to their situation.

Found money donated to charities

The Christmas dinner organized by Holland Casino Enschede for 70 homeless is not the only initiative of the company to help the less fortunate in our society. The locations in Leeuwarden and Groningen also reached checks to charities during Christmas. A nice detail is that the amount has been spared together with money that has been found throughout the year in the casino. For example, people dropped a few playing chops on the floor. Then they are collected and the amounts to local charities are donated at the end of the year. In Friesland, an amount of 1500 euros has therefore been given to an organization that commit itself to homeless people. In Groningen the same amount has been transferred to an organization that invalid camps provided.