Published on August 15, 2018 in News

At the Holland Casino branch in Enschede, they are working with a few plans that can make the building even more beautiful. The management of the casino wants to build a rooftop bar on the roof. The plan is more or less emerging from necessity, because the current roof covering is due for replacement. Different options are considered to get the 16-year-old roof in a good condition. So the plan has also suggested to make a rooftop bar. They are plans that have made us somewhat enthusiastic. In the rooftop bar it will soon be possible to enjoy a view of the meadow environment. This is at least if the plans really continue. The Holland Casino has now indicated first to start a market research and view the possibilities.

Reason to gamble at casino settings

It is clear that we ourselves especially it Gambling at an online casino Prefer. For this we don't have to leave the door and a few euros is enough for an evening gambling. Yet we still regularly visit a real casino site in the Australia. This is more a day out with friends instead of the pure of playing games of chance. When Holland Casino has plans for a rooftopbar, this is a reason for us to visit the branch. Between gambling by can we sit on the roof to have a drink and some food.

Terrace with drinks, food and entertainment

According to the plans that are now known about the Rooftopbar in Enschede, there will be a spacious terrace on the roof with various sections where people can sit. A large part of the seats will be covered, so that the rooftop bar can continue to keep open in all seasons. Drinks are of course available, but it is also the intention that people can order lunch and dinner. A very romantic place to dine with a loved one seems to us. A DJ who runs what music or an artist who comes to sing live complete the ambiance completely.

Also plan for megabioscope

What also makes Holland Casino branch in Enschede an attractive destination are the plans to build a megabinoscope across the street. This is not the idea of the casino itself, but from another company. However, it doesn't matter that more evenings entertainment comes near the casino. People can combine both activities together on an evening. For example, you can first watch a movie in the cinema and later a gamble in the casino or do a drink on the new rooftop bar. If you live in the east of the country, then you could consider bringing the site to visit. Please note that the plans have not yet been put into operation. In the meantime you can 24/7 eskimo casino.