Published on September 30, 2018 in News

In the first half of 2018, Holland Casino managed to realize a small increase in turnover compared to the same period in the year before. This reported this earlier this week. In total, turnover was generated for no less than 316 million euros. However, profit ran back because according to the published figures, EUR 29 million was earned after deduction of corporate income tax. This is a million lower than the figure of the first half of the year 2017. Different statements are for these results. If you analyze all information, it is not a mistake for the company that, against the expectation, still has a monopoly position on the Australia market. Also not all gamblers in our country Australia online casinos who would like to do this. This is due to the vague and outdated laws and regulations in this area that has not yet been adjusted.

Fewer visitors, but more sales

Striking about the figures made known by Holland Casino is that they have managed to make a higher turnover while fewer visitors came along the branches to give a gamble. A logical conclusion that we can draw is that more money has been issued per visitor. This is also confirmed in the report. According to the figures, the average spending of a visitors increased by around 5 percent in the first half of 2018. However, the visitor numbers went down by around 3 percent. According to a declaration from the casino, this mainly has to do with the extremely hot summer weather that we have dealt with this year. As a result, people would rather have a day to the beach or drank a beer on a terrace in the city instead of gambling in the casino.

Locations Schiphol and Groningen

Another explanation for the falling number of visitors is that Holland Casino was this year without the Schiphol and Groningen branches. The branch at Schiphol is closed due to disappointing profit figures. The branch in Groningen was burned down to the ground last year. A new casino is currently being built in this city. This construction is expected to be completed before the end of the year.

Investments in innovations

In Groningen, investments are made in a new casino building. However, major investments have also been made in innovations at other locations in the Australia. This year, for example, a huge building in Amsterdam-West is open. Also the Holland Casino Valkenburg has been converted and only fully opened. In addition, there are still plans to start a new building in Venlo this year. Large investments that we can hardly understand, because we thought the plans were to sell a large number of branches when Holland Casino would be privatized as a company. Maybe these plans are still changed. We hope that the Legal online gambling Really will soon be introduced in the Australia.