Published on March 25, 2019 in News

On this website we were not pronounced for a long time about the upcoming legalization of online gambling in the Australia. Here you will therefore appear about the necessary messages before the moment is finally there in 2022. It is not without reasons that we are so enthusiastic about this, because there are quite a bit Things change after the legalization of online casinos in our country. A very important change is that gamblers will be better protected online when the gambling authority (KSA) supervises the gambling offer on the internet.

We know that many people still do not trust that games of chance through the computer will be honest. Perhaps the direct supervision of the KSA can also remove this doubt. However, the truth is that you don't have to worry here if you choose an online casino with a reliable license, such as those from Malta, and games of the most prominent developers, such as, for example, NetEnt or Microgaming. The point that the online games of chance will now be guaranteed to be honest, we have not included in this list. There are certainly major changes that are to happen. In the next news item we give you three examples how the KSA online gamblers will soon be better protected.

Direct point for your complaints

If you regularly dine a chance via the internet for a long time, then you know that it is almost inevitable that a misunderstanding or disagreement arises between you as a gambler and the casino. For example, it can prevent one bonus or other promotion Vague is described and that you think are right somewhere while the casino does not want to give this. We speak out experience because such a situation is sometimes happened to us. However, where you can encounter it is that you have little to bring much like gambler to the powerful casino. You can actually nowhere where your complaints are taken seriously. This will change if the KSA is responsible for the supervision of casinos. As a Australiaman, you now have a direct point for your complaints and believe but that the providers are afraid of being caught by the supervisor on abuses.

Central Register Troubleshooters

One of the biggest problems of the unregulated market with which we still have to do is that there is little to no protection against the dangers of gambling addiction. A player who experiences problems can exclude themselves and, for example, set limits, but it is just as easy to simply create an account at another casino and continue gambling. There is no control now or the Australia who register with a gambling site or they fall under the group of problem players. Here too, change will come after legalization. The KSA states as a strict condition that all providers of gambling in the Australia participate in the central register problem players. This registry must first be consulted before a person gets permission to gamble with real money on a website.

Faster payment of gambling gains

Another tricky point of gambling online, of which experienced players can confirm that this causes annoyances, the slow amounts to profits that have been achieved in the casino. Some online casinos have a hand to let gamblers wait for their payout days. They don't really participate well because after such a experience we are looking for another provider to take a gamble next time. However, it remains an annoying problem where you only find out when you click the pay button after a successful gambling session and then more than a week later there is still nothing on your bank account. This will also change when the KSA will take care of the enforcement of the Remote Gambling Act. Casinos will be required to perform identity verification faster and process payouts within a set period.