Published on December 8, 2018 in News

The end of the year is getting closer. This means that it is time to make new intentions. Making more money is an objective that many people have. Maybe you want to set aim to become a millionaire in 2019. That this wish consists of a large part of the population is also the reason that the New Year's Eve's biller is always so popular. You have the opportunity to close up as a millionaire in the last minute. However, if your objective is to enter as a millionaire 2019, what games of games do you give the most likely to achieve this? Is this the New Year's Lottery or you can play better video slots at an online casino.

Research into Winkelsen Australia Lotteries

With the New Year's Lottery of the Staatsloterij you can win no less than 30 million euros. A prospect that every year millions of Australia people decide to buy one or more lots. The price may then be guaranteed, but the increased number of participants also ensure that you make less chance to win the main prize. What exactly these chances are among Australia lotteries has been selected by the consumer association a while ago. This research stood out that your chance of winning the main prize at the New Year's Eve Lottery is only 1 at 4.38 million. If you are also assuming that a lot also costs 30 euros, then you can conclude from this that the government is particularly pleased every year by the guaranteed income from gaming tax.

The aforementioned research by the Consumers' Association will emerge the following chances of the lotteries that are offered in the Australia.

  • State lottery / New Year's Spotery.
    On December 31 you as a participant you only 1 at 4.38 million chance of winning the grand prize. The rest of the year is the chance of 1 at 1.48 million greater, but the main prize is also lower.
  • The opportunities to become a millionaire are completely small at the Friends Lottery. That you win this prize only 1 in 345 billion! times before. The main prize is guaranteed twice a year, but the chance is still 1 in 10 million.
  • With 1 at 800,000, this lottery has a lot more likely to reach the main prize. However, the chance is great that you have to share it with several people in your residential area. Maybe with a single lot you will not be a millionaire at all.
  • Perhaps very surprising for most people is that you make the best chance of a million when you buy a scratch. With 2.5 million scratch cards, five prices of a million are paid. This gives you a chance of 1 in 500,000 at the greatest cash prize.

Tens of millions of video slot Jackpots

With online casinos, more jackpots are paid per year with prices of several millions. Last year has even been exceptional in this area. Dozens of videos slot jars have been paid and therefore no many people as a millionaire 2019 because they have bold a gamble at an online casino. In 2018, a new record is even located on the highest price ever paid on an online video clot. In September this year, a happy player has won 18.9 million euros on the Mega Moolah video slot of Microgaming.

The reason that these prices are so high has to do with the fact that it is progressive jackpots. This means that more people participate in the games, the higher the amount of money raised that they can win. The video slots in dozens of casinos are offered online. These games are all linked to a central jackpot. Due to the growing popularity of the progressive jackpot slots, prices are increasingly faster and higher. You can also have a chance to win this month to enter the new year with the help of a video slot.

The three largest online video clot Jackpots are on the following positions.

  • Mega Moolah - +11 million euros
  • Mega Fortune - +3.2 million euros
  • Hall or God's +2.5 million euros

If you want to win these main prizes, register with an online casino. We can recommend starting gamblers to our Turbo casino review to read. For example, you can read what the welcome bonus is at this provider and that you have the option to with iDEAL to pay.