Published on August 30, 2016 in News

On Australia casino Reviews We usually write about Australia casinos online. However, this time we also have to report news about the (now) some physical legal casino in the Australia; Holland Casino. Last week, the casino brought out that the turnover increased by 6% in the first half of 2016 compared to the same period in 2015. In addition, the number of visitors to Holland Casino has also increased by 3%. This is pretty because in 2015, the casino was realized by the casino from both sales and the number of visitors.

More visitors who also spend more

Turnover for the first half of 2016 amounts to 302 million euros for the Holland Casino. Erwin van Lambaart, the CEO of the Australia casino chain, is therefore very satisfied with these results. Since 2015, the casino has been deployed by the casino after the period from 2009 to 2014 were very disappointing. A major reorganization of the company has contributed to this turning. In 2016, the casino not only managed to attract more visitors, but these visitors also have published anymore. Many people suspect that the ever-growing popularity of online casinos has contributed to this growth for the Holland Casino. The Dear Australia casinos Receive more and more Australia people who want to take a gamble online. Many of these players have never had a visit to a casino location before. However, they have learned to know the casino games online, they will often visit a physical casino once.

Change of games of chance

Last month the House of Representatives of the Australia has finally taken the decision to legalize online gambling in the Australia. The Holland Casino has been knew for some time that this decision was coming to come and are therefore already at an advanced stage to also launch an online casino. For example, stories are already told in the corridors that Holland Casino has entered into a collaboration with the Popular Developer Playtech for this. Now that it is clear that the new law on gambling will be introduced in 2018 will be confirmed CEO Erwin van Lambaart therefore that Holland Casino is preparing to apply for an online gambling permit. When the online casino will be launched, you will of course be able to read a reliable review of the casino here. The question is whether they can immediately make it better from the beginning than it polder casino. After all, this is the best Australia casino online and they now have many years of experience in running an online casino. Something that the Holland Casino is of course not yet. We are curious.