Published on October 21, 2022 in News

One of the latest live casino games from Evolution Gaming is Crazy Time. You can enter this game for a few months All online casino's play. Despite the fact that the game is just just online, they have already set up a new record.

Last week the jackpot was activated and this was good for AU$ 10.7 million. Crazy Time is an exciting game show. It turns around a kind of ridge from fortune where different bonuses and games are turned. The game is presented from a live studio with an enthusiastic host.

Crazy time can be played with thousands of players at the same time and ensures that every player is involved. They do this by putting a nice show and communicate with the players. Outside a nice game show you can also win a lot of money with Crazy Time. Last week it was well hit when the jackpot was won.

Crazy time returns AU$ 10.7 million with a bonus game

The power of Crazy Time is that various bonus games can be turned with the wheel of fortune. This time the players managed to activate the jackpot with the bonus game. The Jackpot turns off 5,000 times to all players who with the BONUS Take up.

At the time of play there were 2005 players online. They had deployed their money on the bonus. The AU$ 10.7 million was divided into players over 2005. Of course the amount of the amount depends on the bet. If your bet was AU$ 10 then you win AU$ 50,000 in one fell swoop. This makes it very lucrative to play with.

Maximum bet of AU$ 125 at Bonus game

There is a limit associated with the bonus game at Crazy Time. Players could use a maximum of AU$ 125. So unfortunately, no players have become millionaire, but very nice amounts have been won.

A player who plays with the name relus22 had chosen to use AU$ 100 on the bonus game. Thanks to an extra multiplier, he even received his efforts 5001 times. He was the largest winner with an amount of AU$ 500,100. Despite that it is not a million, we want to win this.

Bonuses make Crazy Time extra attractive to play

It actually turns into Crazy Time to win the bonuses. The payment of AU$ 10.7 million was of course a very good example of this. Yet there are few Live casino games where you can really win as much money.

The nice thing about a live casino game is that there are also images of. Secretly Are we very curious if there were also players from this website? It is of course a great moment when you see the jackpot fall.

Are you curious about which bonus has won this amount? The bonus was activated by Panchinko. With this game the host throws a ball down into a nailer. The ball land on a certain multiplier. This time it was the multiplier of 5,000. As a result, the deployment of players was doubled 5,000 times. A nice amount to win in the live casino!

Evolution gaming has obviously shared the images afterwards and congratulates all players personally with winning their mega cash prize!