Published on August 31, 2017 in News

Who doesn't want to win a few euros to win several millions? If you still risk money with gambling, you can best play a game where you can make a mega profit. This is at least how many people playing with online casinos think about it. From the classic casino games you can win the highest price with playing roulette. If you place a bet on the right number here, you will receive 36 times the money used as a price. However, you also have the option to choose in an online casino for the more modern games. We are in particular about the online video slots. Have you lucky enough to spin a combination of symbols with which you win a jackpot? Then you will soon get many thousands of times your placed bet as price paid out. If there is a progressive jackpot slot then you even have a chance of a million price.

How does a progressive jackpot work online?

Regarding Jackpots that you can win on slots in an online casino, we can distinguish in a number of different types. First there is the normal jackpot price. This is the combination symbols that you can spin from which the highest price is connected. In addition, there are two types of progressive jackpots. Progressive means that the price progresses as time will increases higher. From every bet that is placed on a lock will be a small part to the prize pool, so that the amount to be gained will be increasingly higher. The progression of the Jackpot can in two ways. The price can only come when players in the online casino conscious play the lock. Another possibility is that the price is linked to all casinos online that offer the conscious Jackpot slot. In the latter case, a progressive jackpot can reach unprecedented heights.

Find Jackpot slots in the game offer

Slots on which you can win an immense amount are not surprisingly very popular among online gamblers. After course, they naturally want to multiply their bet as much as possible during gambling. The casinos are therefore not making it difficult to find the jackpot slots in the game offer. A separate category is usually made for these special video slots. You can regularly see a category in the site's main menu with, for example, the name Jackpot Games. It is also possible that you first have to choose the slots as a category and then further filter on the games with a jackpot. After making this selection you see the different games for you to win the highest prices of the casino. Often you can immediately see how much the Jackpot price is at that time. In most cases there are always a number of jackpots with a price of more than a million euros.

Online slots with millions prizes

If you have never been turned away from the existence of Jackpot slots, you may be surprised that there are several online slots with millions of prices. We mean games with this where you can be a multi-millionaire after winning the highest jackpot. Often this price can also be won with a small effort from just a few euros. Record prices that have already been paid will certainly stimulate your fantasy as gambler. For example, a price of more than 15 million euros has already been paid to lucky players several times. If you also want to win the winning of several million euros. Then you can first look at the next slots at one Netent Casino.

  • Mega Fortune;
  • Hall of Gods;
  • Mega Moolah;
  • Arabian Nights;
  • Major Millions.

These slots all have a progressive jackpot. Due to their unprecedented popularity and the large number of casinos where the games are available, the prize pool of slots runs very quickly to more than a million or even several millions of euros.

All the above jackpot slots can be played at Casinoland...