Published on May 20, 2019 in News

On our website we write news messages every week that deals with gambling. We are of course trying to make the link as much as possible with Australia casinos online. However, sometimes it is also news reports that we have passed by and find interesting. This has led we have published quite a few messages about people who have darkened money to gamble with this. After all, that are the stories that often get the news. We do not avoid the topics because they are negative. It is also a memory call for us to remember that people can develop a gambling addiction and that for them from that moment gambling is no longer a nice pastime. They are then increasingly working in the problems until there is no way out. The next story is a good example of this.

Stolen money from suitcase

The story The stupid actions that have put a 23-year-old Japanese man deep into problems. Takuro Yanagida was with his boss on a business trip to the Australian city of Victoria. The man's boss had a large amount of cash to do a deposit for a house. 160,000 euros to be precise. When Takuro discovered this, he came to the brilliant idea to "borrow" the money and to use a great profit in a nearby casino. Unfortunately for the Japanese, luck was not at all on his side.

4 hours of gaming session in casino

During a 4-hour gambling session, the Japanese man managed to lose the full amount of money. The stolen 160,000 euro foetsie by gambling a few hours in a casino. It is known behavior for gambling addicts. They often do not think about the consequences that can cause their actions. In the beginning it seems like a good idea, because a few times profit with large bets can help them out of trouble. However, reality is that even after a few times a profit is just passed through. Until you can collect more loss. At that time, all brakes go loose and be gambled recklessly until all the money is lost.

Only known after video images

The Japanese first tried to deny that he was the one who was behind the stoned money. The young man has only known after the casino video images on which he was showing while he was changing the money for tokens. Then of course there was no more denying. It will be expensive to him, because in addition to being refunded, the man must also be sentenced to a prison sentence of 3 months. It is hoped that he has learned his lesson. However, this is certainly certain, because gambling addiction is like a disease that ensures that people no longer have control themselves. However, enough people from this addiction have come to their own forces or with professional help.