Published on November 23, 2018 in News

Today is Friday, November 23. For our Australia a date that is little special, but on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, in the United States, this is definitely a significant day. Here the day is known as Black Friday. It is the day after Thanksgiving. Many people are still free from their work this Friday before the weekend. Shops are cleverly sent by this day of the year to baptize to Black Friday and offering high discounts to get people buying. Due to the tradition that originated in the United States, and a great success has shown here, there are also more and more entrepreneurs in Europe that come up with their own black Friday promotions. For example, there are also many online casinos that BLACK Friday bonuses offer.

Free money for reloading balance

From Bonus at an online casino We prefer to see the appearance on Black Friday is the one with which we can get free money to reload your casino balance. To claim this you have to make a deposit at the casino and will have a percentage of free money on this. For clarity this is therefore a bonus that you can get after you have claimed all the welcome bonus with your first deposit. This time you can get a free amount of money if you can take a deposit again. This also explains the name Reload Bonus, one Bonus benefit for reloading your balance.

Prelve your luck with Free Spins

The bonus advantage on Black Friday does not necessarily have to be free money. It is also possible that you get an email in which you will receive an offer to receive free spins. In most cases you will first have to make a deposit for this. However, sometimes it also happens that the free spins are already waiting for your account. You only have to log in and load the game where the specific spins are intended. Whatever the conditions, the bonuses with free spins should definitely not run. Here you can often have a nice amount of profits. Certainly if a deposit is not mandatory to receive the Free Spins.

Cyber Monday is also coming

If you do not yet have an account at a casino online, then you will not receive sacrifices with special bonuses for the day today. You can use the standard welcome bonuses that are offered. These are also extremely generous. If you still do this today, you may get a nice bonus in your mailbox for the coming Monday. The Monday after this weekend is known as Cyber Monday. Also a day on which many companies offer huge discounts and other benefits. This time mainly internet companies. This also explains the name Cyber Monday. If you want to make optimum use of these types of offers, then it is probably smart to record accounts online at multiple casinos. You can start with this List of the best casinos for Australia people.