Published on 8 October 2019 in News

King Toto. It is an expression that has now become a well-known concept at football intended Australia. In the evening hours, the commercial of the sports betting provider is broadcast in such a bit of every advertising block of the known football talk programs. CultHeld Jan Boskamp appears in the commercial (at least his head) and to see the crown that he is wearing is King Toto. After last week the title is perhaps more earned by another Australiaman. A man from Emmeloord placed a bet of 5 euros in a combination of competitions and managed to win more than a ton.

Quotation of 21.210

Most people who participate in Toto are committed to a combination of competitions. The quotes of every competition will then be multiplied and so you can quickly earn a great price. They are also this combination of bets that the Toto has traditionally been known. You used to get a list at the cigarette store and there were a row of football matches that would be played the coming week. By setting up a small amount and to indicate for every competition whether it would end up in a profit home team, tie or profit, your chance to win one of the jackpot amounts.

This is still how most people participate in the sports betting that are offered by the Australia lottery. Another option is to bet on individual matches. However, the combination bet has not laid the man from Emmeloord. He focuses on a combination of 11 games and gathered a quotation of no less than 21.210.

Price from 106,050 euros not tax free

As stated, you don't have to use a lot of money if you get a quotation on your bet from 21.210 times your bet amount. It is also not so smart to risk large amounts here because the chance that you win is not that big either. The new crowned King Toto decided to risk 5 euros. In the end he made a prize from 106,050 euros. The 11 games ended well how he predicted it on the betlip.

When we heard this exceptional achievement we were curious how it is now actually with the gambling tax on this amount won. If such cash prices are won in the Holland Casino, these are usually tax-free. Also with most lotteries offered by the owner of the TOTO is usually talked about tax-free cash prizes. To our surprise, however, we found on the website of the only sports betting provider with a Australia license that there is still a tax from the amount of money recovered.

The text below stands on the website:

"TOTO part of Australia lottery - is mandatory for prices above AU$ 449, - to keep the total amount of 30.1% gambling tax. The tax is withheld when paying the price to the winner. "

With this tax rate, the TOTO falls into the same category as the prize money that is won at foreign gambling sites where the Online casinos from our reviews fall under.

Complete list Well predicted results

If you are a bit like me, then you are also curious about which matches the lucky winner has now deployed exactly 5 euros. As you can imagine, he has not only predicted the matches with the big favorites. After all, he would have much lower odds for this. Below the complete list properly predicted results. The two predictions that have contributed to the major prize money were a draw of Real Madrid against Club Brugge and the profit of Shaktar Donesk against Atalanta.

  • Tie at Real Madrid - Club Brugge
  • Shakhtar wins against Atalanta
  • PSG wins against Galatasaray
  • Juventus wins at home against Leverkusen
  • Atletico Madrid wins against Locomotiv Moscow
  • Bayern Munich wins against Tottenham Hotspur
  • Red star wins at home against Olympiakos
  • Al Ittihad wins at home against El Gounah
  • Al Ahed wins at home against Aljazeera
  • Numancia wins at home against Fuenlabrada
  • Al Hilal wins against Al-Sadd