Published on 1 September 2022 in News

In collaboration with the Australia government, the KSA has compiled a new requirements for the Australia Casino License. Since the amendment of the law at the end of 2019, hard work will be done behind the scenes.

Recently it was announced that online casinos can submit an official application for a license from 1 March 2022. In the third quarter of 2022, the first Australia online casinos could be online.

Until then, the KSA is hard to shape the Australia license. This must of course according to the Australia rules. In addition, with an oblique Malta looked. The MGA has been the most important casino license in the world for years. Since 2002, Malta has been regulating gambling online.

Online casinos can think along about the licensing rules

The Australia government has a new plan on tackling the license recently officially distributed on online casinos. Since the publication of the coming of the license, 150 online casinos have already reported.

The online casinos with interest in the Australia casino license should soon give their opinion about the license. The plans are in line with European legislation, but the Australia government wants the opinion of the experts.

online casinos Get a report in which the six main lines of the permit are discussed. The online casinos have until November 13, 2022 the time to give up feedback here.

The Australia government seems to take the opinion of the providers of games of chance to take very seriously. The online casino market is much more experienced in this than the Australia itself. In Europe, online gambling has been regulated since 2002. The Australia therefore runs considerably behind it.

A number of rules for online casinos have already been drained

Despite the fact that the new legislation is discussed internally, rules have already been leaked. For example, the KSA wants to make online casinos of players in more detail. Automatic reports must be reported how often a player visits an online casino. But also how much money a player spends in the casino.

The KSA would like to see that at a determined level of gambling players get an email automatically. Players are automatically informed that they may have a gambling addiction. If this assumes problematic forms, the KSA wants the online casino to exclude players.

The KSA also wants to work with figures and reports with complaints about casinos. Players can soon officially submit complaints about an online casino to the KSA. If there are too many complaints, the KSA will conduct an official investigation.

Other rules that are advantageous is that the KSA will check the Random Number Generator of Software. For example, the KSA checks whether games will be honest. This is a rule that they have of course also used for years in Malta.

Regulation is coming for the online casino

With the new plans that are now being distributed it seems that regulation really gets into sight. Behind the scenes, the home insulation and pandemic would be somewhat delay. Fortunately it seems to have little influence on the original plans.

The deadline of January 1, 2022 has been questioned for some time. It really looks like we can expect about the first online casinos from 1 July. The Australia permit is highly shaped until that time.