Published on September 24, 2017 in News

On June 1 this year, the Australia gaming authority suddenly adapted and unexpected guidelines for online casinos. This has ensured that a large number of providers have had to close their doors and Our list of best Australia casinos consists of a good number of other names. Because the Australia has not yet legislation for regulating the supply of online games of chance, the gambling authority in our country uses various guidelines to which the casinos must hold. Previously, guidelines and rules of conduct that the online gambling providers cannot have a casino in a domain name with .nl extension and should not offer their site in Australia. From 1 June 2017 these rules have been tightened, so that the providers must now have new guidelines to Legal Casino be able to be labeled.

No Australia words and images

The most important change in the guidelines of the gambling authority is that casino sites may no longer have Australia words in their domain names. This change has ensured that some casinos that do not meet their doors are not concluded here. For example, the Polder Casino, Fortune Casino and Klaver Casino who had took it clear that they have primarily focused on the Australia market decided not to continue under this name. Furthermore, the casinos may no longer use images with typical Australia images. This is because this is a disguised way in which they can still make players clear that it is a Australia online casino.

Ideal is no longer offered by many casinos

Many providers have also responded to the request to no longer offer payment methods that are used exclusively or largely only by Australia people. Here, of course, iDEAL is meant and the change in guidelines has therefore ensured that many casinos no longer offer the payment method. However, this is not such a big problem because you can always use a payment method as a sofort that works in about the same way. Other alternatives are Skrill and Neteller with which you can still use iDeal via a detour to deposit money. Credit cards can of course also be used in the online casino.

Violators no longer have a chance at Casino License

No provider of online games of chance wants to be as unreliable. For that reason, almost all parties have complied with the new guidelines to also go through life for Australia standards as legal casino. There is another reason why they have done all this. The Australia gambling authority has indicated that violators of these new guidelines no longer have a chance of it Casino License in the Australia. As an online casino you will be a fine then you as a offender to book and shrink opportunities to get a license after the legalization of online gambling and continue as legal casino.

We also do not want to send the visitors to our website to an illegal casino. For this reason we check all online casinos or they meet the new guidelines of the gambling authority. All providers that we recommend on our website can therefore be familiar to you as a Australia person.