Published on March 24, 2018 in News

Last week the Gaming Authority issued an annual report from which we can draw up that the legalization of online gambling in the Australia will be further form. The annual report has been discussed several times about the need that the official authority sees for the introduction of the new legislation. The current gambling law dates from 1964 and this makes no word of the supply of gambling via the internet. This should of course also be clearly regulated to better protect the many thousands of Australia people who better gambling. The addition of the Gambling Act gives the gambling authority more powers to perform this task. From the plans described in the annual report we can prepare that after many years still seem to be upcoming after many years.

Transitional phase to new legislation

The annual report can be prepared that the gambling authority has considered a transitional phase in the past year. It is tried to carry out the work for which the body is created as well as possible, but they do not have sufficient powers for this. As an example, the lost lawsuit has been cited earlier this year, in which the KSA has been unsuccessful by the Council of States on appeal. The gambling authority was of the opinion that a Australia company that allows payment traffic via the internet cannot make payments with iDEAL facilitate Australia people to online casinos, as this can be seen as they are promoting illegal games of chance. The highest judge of our country did not agree with this on the basis of current legislation that is still in force. The absence of new laws and rules also ensure that the Legal online Casino's that we recommend on our site. Operate legally with a license from abroad.

Gambling in a regulated Australia market

The aforementioned example that the gambling authority in the annual report quoted is a clear reason why the change in legislation is necessary. They therefore assume that the amendment to the law will happen quickly and also adjust their policy. Preparations must be made to check the online casinos in the near future. The Australia is one of the latest countries in Europe that will regulate the supply of games of chance and our country will soon be one of the strictest laws in this area. For example, providers must deposit money in a Fund for addiction prevention and must also keep gambling activities in a central database that can be recognized by the gambling authority. Once the Casino License has been entered, then we will of course also include our list Dear Australia casinos To adjust.

Privatization of Australia offline casinos

In addition to the arrival of the Australia casino license, the KSA has now also made advanced preparations for the privatization of offline casinos in our country. This also part of the planned legislative change. The Holland Casino state company will be privatized. This means that the locations are split and sold. We thus get a free market forces and consumers get more choice where they want to take a gamble. This can be done at one of the various casino oversets or with a site that offers games of chance online. After the introduction of the new legislation, we naturally continue to assess the different providers as we have always done this. Now we take care of casinos that operate legally from abroad. Such as in this Eskimo casino review who has acquired the trusted Malta license.