Published on April 13, 2018 in News

In April 2006, the Australia was summoned by the European Union to start regulating and legalizing online gambling. This is now 12 years ago and to date we still have no legislation that makes it possible for online casinos to get a license and to offer their services legally in our country. For us reason to get on how it stands with the Legalization of online gambling in the Australia.

Article 49 of the EU Treaty

The EU's request was made in 2006 because the current legislation that we still have in our country is contrary to Article 49 of the Agreement thereb between countries of the European Union and who prescribes that there must be free movement of services Within the limits of the affiliated countries. At the time, the reaction of politics was that they would quickly implement new laws and regulations. However, many years later, no new legislation had still been proposed. This has only happened in 2016 and then also approved by the political parties that then had a majority in the Lower House.

Remote Gambling Act

The 2016 plans talked about the addition of the Can Games Act remotely to current legislation. In addition, many more points from the highly outdated law on games of chance from 1964 would change. For example, it is intended that the gambling market in the Australia is released. Holland Casino would lose their monopoly position and the state company will be sold to the highest bidder. The new Distance Gambling Act gives online gambling providers the opportunity to get a casino license in the Australia. They must meet strict conditions for this, so that an honest and safe environment can be guaranteed to gamble.

Not yet by the Senate

Although the adapted law on games of chance has already been approved by the Lower House in 2016, it is still not in force. This is because a change in legislation should also be done by the Senate. Here is the legislative change for two years old. What exactly the reason for the delay in the Senate is not entirely clear. However, the current government has indicated that it is intended to implement the legalization of online gambling in 2018. At the beginning of 2019, the new situation in our country could then take effect. However, nothing has still been done in the first quarter of the year to implement these plans. After so many delays, the question is whether this time the words of Australia politics should be really believed.

Criticism of official law enforcement officers

The enforcement of the Law on Can Games in the Australia is in the hands of the gambling authority. An official body that must perform the task to exercise control on gambling providers. However, these official enforcers are now also criticized in public affairs in our country. Chairman Jan Suyver of the Gaming Authority reports, in the newly published annual report of the body, that there is really a great need for legalizing all ways in which games of chance can be offered. This is mainly indicated on regulation for the range of Australia online casinos. Without the new legislation, the gambling authority has insufficient resources to tackle the illegal supply online. For example, a long-term lawsuit was lost at a payment provider last year Transactions with iDeal to online casinos makes possible. They cannot guarantee a safe environment for gamblers.

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