Published on October 19, 2022 in News

We still have to be patient, but from December we can finally play live craps! Evolution gaming has announced that we can expect this long-awaited game in the online casino on December 11.

Craps was already announced at the beginning of this year as one of the New Live Casino spell. But unfortunately the release date was postponed. It seems to come now that we can play Craps in December.

For craps fans, it is still counted down to the game until the game finally comes live. But the wait seems to be rewarded because the game is really coming.

For the first time play Craps in the Australia

Did you know that your Craps cannot play in the Australia anywhere? Even it Famous Holland Casino Does not have a craps table. Yet the game is immensely popular abroad. Especially in America the game is played in almost every casino.

Evolution gaming therefore found it high time to get the game to the online casino. Thanks to the arrival of Craps in the online casino, Australia people can finally play this game. This time just from your own lazy chair at home. You don't have to leave the door for it.

How does Craps work?

Craps is the well-known dice game that you might have seen in a movie. Before the dice are thrown, you can predict which number of eyes are thrown.

Normally you can throw the dice yourself. But because you are behind a computer there is a croupier who will throw the dice on your behalf. Together with other players you can predict in advance which eyes are thrown. Put your money in this and look live if you have the number well.

Craps is super easy to play

The big advantage of Craps is that it is not difficult to learn. Only a big dose is happening. The croupier must just throw the number of eyes that you predict.

Just like Live Roulette Multiple players will soon participate at the same time. You can all bet your money on the number of eyes that you hope the croupier is going to throw.

Encourage the croupier to throw your eyes

Just like in real life you can encourage the croupier. It is not entirely unusual that sometimes 20 players are around a craps table. In America especially in America, participants enthusiastically encourage the player to throw.

This time you can also cheer and encourage the croupier. You can do this by pressing certain buttons. The cheer sound can also be heard by the croupier. Thanks to your encouragement, he might throw the winning combination.

Don't forget to leave a nice tip for the croup afterwards. Especially when the croupier has been so nice to throw your number. Of course, a reward is allowed from this!

It is a while waiting for your craps can play live, but we secretly no longer wait. After seeing the first evolution gaming demo we are ready for it!