Published on February 28, 2022 in News

In recent years, the number of players in it Live Casino GOOD GROWED. This means that the live casinos also invest heavily in innovation. As a player, after all, you want to be challenged to keep playing.

In recent weeks there were a number of major events in the online casino world. New online casino games were announced. One of the new games was not only announced, but also immediately launched in America. We are talking about the new phenomenon live slots.

Most live games in the online casino are all about table games. The Americans found that a slot machine also gives a completely different experience in real life. They therefore decided to put 12 slots in a glass space. A camera is aimed at every slot machine and the buttons are connected to a computer. As a player in an American casino you can play live on a slot machine.

Hard Rock Casino comes with the first live slots

The Hard Rock Casino got the official honor to be the first casino with live slots. At the beginning of February the first players were allowed to gamble live on their slots. They also chose a number of well-known titles: Buffalo and Wild Leprecoins.

The Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City decided to assign the slots into a kind of glass space. Via spare gauges, visitors to the casino can see how such a live slot works. They hope to let more players of the casino gamble online.

It is not possible for the offline players to take place on the live slots. Players are challenged to tackle their smartphone and log in immediately and take a gamble online. The casino wants to show that the live games are 100% transparent just like the real casino.

Each slot machine is not only equipped with a camera, but also with a microphone. Players can not only see live what happens, but also hear. For example, they immediately hear the sounds of the slot machine on which they play.

Casino hopes to make more players gamble online

In practice, the Hard Rock Casino notices that many physical players don't dare to make the step to online gambling. They are afraid to be scammed. With the live slots, the casino hopes to get more attention to online gambling.

Attention to the promotion gets it casino anyway. Even the Las Vegas Sun newspaper paid attention to the new phenomenon live slots. The newspaper thinks the live slots can sometimes contribute to players who don't dare to take the step to live gambling.

According to the newspaper, transparent is incredibly important and with this action they show how transparent online gambling is. Whether it is really going to take care of live players is for the time being. In any case, it is a lucrative action for the Hard Rock Casino.

At the moment there are no software suppliers that intend to get live slots to the online casino. But this can just change if the action in Atlantic City is going to be a great success.