Published on October 5, 2018 in News

In the time we hear one after the other success story about providers of online games of chance that make many millions of profits and in time it seems as if a new gambling site appears every week, it appears that not every casino it appears Easily has. This week has become announced that a large casino project in Las Vegas has already been declared bankrupt within a period of 2 years. Last Tuesday 2 October the decision was made to close the hotel section of the Lucky Dragon Casino Resort on the well-known strip, after the gambling part had been closed in January of this year.

Northern part of the Las Vegas Strip

If you have ever been in Las Vegas, you know that the majority of the activities in the Gambling capital of the world are playing on a single street. All large casinos, theaters and hotels are located here. The area is also known as the Las Vegas Strip. The Lucky Dragon Casino Resort was opened here in November of 2016. Not in the busiest part of the street, but just something beyond in the still underdeveloped northern part. At that time it was the first casino and resort that has been built from the ground after the recession years at the start of this century. The intention was to attract asian high rollers in particular to generate the necessary income. This was apparently not successful and now there is a bankruptcy within 2 years.

Why Lucky Dragon has not been successful

That it didn't go well with Lucky Dragon that was known from the beginning of this year. In January, the casino part of the establishment was made. In recent months, income has only been generated from the hotel business. Part of the building was a tower of nine floors in which 200 rooms were housed. According to the papers that have now come out at the bankruptcy, more than $ 200,000 loss was made in some months. As reasons for failure of the project, the somewhat remote location of the casino on the strip is given. Tourists do not come along the building. In addition, the company has never succeeded in gaining the coveted Asian high rollers as customers.

Little online casinos demand bankruptcy

It is interesting to analyze with this news why we fewerly hear that online casinos apply for bankruptcy. After all, they have to make comparable challenges as the Gokhouses of Las Vegas. Also on the internet the competition between the many gambling providers is murderous. When a new online casino opens its virtual doors, they are also located on a remote section where traffic in the first instance will not visit. It is of course not a very honest comparison because a gambling site has many times lower operating costs and will therefore not just make $ 200,000 in a month. Yet it is interesting to see what they do to distinguish themselves as a newcomer.

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