Published on November 27, 2018 in News

The gambling authority has an infographic on their website on which it is clearly the information visible from the market scan country-bound games of chance 2017. With this scan the various games of chance that are offered within the Australia are mapped out. So don't fall here Online casinos where many Australia people play below. What the authority has mapped, among other things, how much money deals in the gambling market and where these amounts are all published. For example, it has become clear that the gross game result increased by 2.4 percent in 2017 compared to 2016. In total, no less than 2,54 billion euros was placed in our country last year. What types of games of chance most contributions to this final amount will probably surprise you. In this news item we will decompose the data. You can also view the clear infographic at the bottom of this page.

Most people play lotteries

Market scan country-bound games of chance 2017 of the gaming authority shows that by far most people play lotteries. This gambling form is responsible for 47 percent of the game result. This is therefore more than 1 billion euros that have paid Australias through bank transfer or at the cigar shop for lots of chances at a million price. The research also shows that more than half of adults sometimes have to play with a lottery. They don't really have a good chance at the main prize. This is also apparent from the false promises that the state lottery has been able to make unpunted for years. Yet it is still the most playful game.

Slot machines in second place

Slot machines come in second place. The slots that are in different establishments in the Australia raise no less than 41 percent of the game result. This figure is much more impressive if you know that only 6.3 percent of adult Australia people indicate playing machines to play. This group of people therefore gives more times more than the people who play along with the lotteries. I would like to advise them to try the video slots at an online casino. These have payout percentages of around 96 percent and often you can also do another free spins bonus take with your deposit.

Holland Casino only 10 percent

Many readers from our website will probably have expected that casino games would be much higher in the list. Yet this does not appear to be true. The only legal casino games within the national borders in the Australia are offered by the Holland Casino. They know 10 percent of the 2017 game result together. We wonder if this percentage will become higher when the casino market in the Australia is released in accordance with the government's plans. Perhaps consumers often visit a casino when they have more choice in offer. The market forces will also ensure that different providers will compete with each other and that will certainly benefit the casino offer. For example, no towering minimum constitutes Gambling with a live dealer.

Sports betting growing

A form of games of chance that we also expected a little higher are the sports betting. Within the Australia, this are the TOTO and horse racing website Runnerz that can offer the betting on sports legally. The market scan shows that 2 percent of the game result comes from people who are often gambling on football matches. This market is highly growing. For example, the turnover of the TOTO last year has grown to 163 million euros. An increase of no less than 29 million euros. 22 percent more than in 2016 on sports betting were used. However, the examination of the gambling authority also shows that many Australia people would rather bet on sports online. Here they probably get better odds offered and so make them more likely to win with gambling.