Published on September 4, 2019 in News

One of the most popular games of chance in Casinos Online is the Dead or Alive video slot from NetEnt. It is an online slot machine with a Western theme in which a storyline is brought to life of a few cowboys that are preparing a raid on a freight train. This storyline and associated animations are beautiful and fun. However, it is not the main reason that the game is so popular. Gamblers are mainly attracted by the high variety of the slot. This means that a lot of prizes are not paid, but if you know a prize to win then this is also a major profit.

It is a trait where many people are looking for when they take a gamble. Because this has since become clear from NetEnt, special MAX versions are made from different popular video slots. The last title that can be added to this row is the Victorious lock.

Win or nothing at all

in Netent casino’s Nowadays you can play different well-known slots in two different versions. One of the first games in which this strategy was applied was Berryburst. This hoped successor to the popular Starburst videos lock was released as original and Starburst Max at the release. In the latest version the prices fall less often, but if you win then this are also immediately higher cash prizes. Many gamblers chose the last option and that has NetEnt decide to release more max versions of slots.

People often choose big win or nothing at all if they want to gamble a night. You also see it at gamblers who play roulette. Most of the bets are placed on loose numbers, because if you know how to predict it, the profit runs much faster. If a video slot paid less often, but high, then this is a tempting choice for gamblers.

Victorious lock has been updated twice

Soon at Casinos with Netent Games in the collection will also appear a MAX version of the Victorious slot. With this version of the game it is possible to win up to 7000 times your commitment as a price. This is a considerable increase in the original where the highest price was only 1500 times the bet per spider.

The release of Victorious Max is, by the way, all the second time this slot is renewed by NetEnt. The original game has been playing in online casinos since 2011. This was over time that games were still made in flash. Later this has been replaced by an HTML5 version to make it compatible with mobile devices. Then the animations have also received a makeover. So many changes have not been added to the game. However, the payouts have been held in progress.

View a preview of the MAX version

In the video below you can see what you can expect from the Victorious Max version. People who are already familiar with the game will see that little has changed in terms of animations and spelling matters. The theme is still a Roman army that wants to come from battle. Where the changes are mainly in are the prices you can win. The high symbols occur slightly less often on the rollers of the lock, but when they come to stand in a row then you will receive a high reward for this. The same applies to activating the Free Spins. In the max version you will be multiplied by a 6x multiplier during this feature.

Victorious MAX is onder andere Available at Eskimo Casino.