Published on 2 June 2022 in News

Last week it was announced that the Holland Casino can open again from 1 July. This is a large scam for players, but also for the company itself. If everything remains under control, the casino can open its doors again on July 1.

Despite the fact that the doors may open again, new rules that must be complied with. There are a lot of rules that must be followed in practice. Erwin van Lambaart The CEO of the Holland Casino explains the measures in a video.

Of course, the measures are mandatory, but Lambor is also important that the player can play safely. As an example, the branches of the Holland casino Even awarded sooner than the government had announced.

Gambling with a reservation

Just a visit to a casino is no longer there. Just like at restaurants you will soon have to reserve for a night or afternoon. For example, the company tries to arrange that there is enough place to keep 1.5 meters away.

The traffic flow within the locations will also be properly arranged. In addition, there is a closing time in which everything is thoroughly disinfected. This happens before the next group of people comes along.

At the slot Will also be kept extra distance later. A slot machine is closed on both side. This way the player has no other players next to him. Furthermore, players must take into account plexiglass screens. These are placed at the bar, but also at the play tables.

Only 20% of the total capacity is used

If the Holland Casino will soon open, only 20% of the normal capacity is used. This means that many fewer players walk around then normal. To regulate this, reservations are required. You must therefore indicate that you want to play.

In the beginning there will therefore be particularly aimed at advertising among the regular guests. They have to miss the Holland Casino the longest and get priority to make a reservation. The week before the opening on July 1, players can reserve a place with a time slot.

The players who used to play 1 to 2 times a week will soon be given priority. If there is place over the regular customer base, other players can join. This can of course only be based on a reservation. You can't just decide that you come by to gamble.

Freedom for players is unfortunately gone

Unfortunately for the players, the freedom as we used to be as much as possible will be away. In addition to a time slot, the casino wants you to indicate in advance which Casino games You are going to play.

It is not obliged to already indicate all games. But if more players want to play roulette, they can take this into account. They then leave some fewer players who also want to play roulette or open an extra roulette table. In this way they try to better arrange the spread of visitors.

Players who prefer the freedom will be more inclined to gamble online. A spontaneous night out is no longer there. Unfortunately, this is the new society we are still alive at the moment.