Published on August 26, 2022 in News

A visitor in the Holland Casino Breda has become the lucky winner of the Mega Millions Jackpot. A woman from Breda won the jackpot of AU$ 150,000. With a commitment of a total of AU$ 50, she managed to win the jackpot.

The Mega Millions Jackpot can go up to a million euros. The amount that you win depends on your bet per spin. The woman played by AU$ 2 per spider, making them AU$ 150,000 on the slot Want to win.

It regularly happens that players are among prices with the Mega Millions Jackpot. A few weeks ago a player from Eindhoven knew to win. A player from Eindhoven only won AU$ 75,000 because of the use of AU$ 1 per spin.

In 2015, the highest Mega Millions Jackpot fell out of history. A player won an amount of AU$ 3,650,609. These are secretly the amounts that you dream of when you dangle a gamble.

A great evening out with friends

The winner at the Holland casino Breda wants to remain anonymous after winning AU$ 150,000. According to the Location Manager, she was an evening out with her friends. In total there were 4 people when the woman won the jackpot.

The woman has let you know that they will not keep the AU$ 150,000 for himself. She would like to divide it about her friends. If they divided the pot, players would get AU$ 37,500 per person.

The main prize in the Holland Casino Breda is also a net net. The Holland Casino is known for its main prizes. This is because it is a state-owned company. They can therefore pay the prices net. The load is paid with a special arrangement.

Jackpot is lowered in contrast to the online casino

Despite that AU$ 150,000 is a wonderful amount, this falls out relatively low. AU$ 150,000 is an amount that you can win in the online casino as standard jackpot. It is not a progressive jackpot that you do like if you bet online.

The progressive jackpot at Mega Moolah is known to break records known. This game can be played online in various casinos. At this jackpot you have a chance to win a grand prize of AU$ 18.9 million. It doesn't matter if you play by AU$ 5 or AU$ 2 per spider. This is always nice to know if you go Gambling with money.

So in the online casino you can win higher prices in contrast to the Holland Casino. This is of course because more players play online. The chance that the jackpot wins is therefore slightly smaller than in the Holland Casino.

Payout percentages are lower in the Holland Casino

In the Holland Casino you will not only have less likely to win, the payout percentages are also lower in the Holland Casino. The percentage is around 60% at the slots.

In an online casino you even get a 95% chance to win on a jackpot slot machine. We are of course talking about the payout percentages at the winnings in between. The chance to win the jackpot naturally remains small both online and in the Holland Casino.