Published on September 12, 2018 in News

Important news for people who want to make a chance of winning a cash prize that will change their lives in one go. The MEGA MOOLAH Microgaming lump is hard to break on a new record. The biggest jackpot of the gambling is the moment we write this text to more than 16 million euros. Yes this is not a typo. There is really that you can win a cash prize that is more than 16 million euros. The prize pool has not been so high in times. It would therefore be that the chance that the jackpot falls by the day increases. So an excellent moment to try your happiness at an online casino. If you know this prize to pick up, then you will no longer have the rest of your life anything.

Guinness Book of Records entry

Mega Moolah is a video slot that is no stranger in reading millions of prices. The Mega Jackpot of the game starts every time at least 1 million euros in the pot. This amount increases every minute because a small part of the bets placed on the video slot is placed to the Jackpot amount. The video slot even has an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. In 2015, a British man knew a record amount of 17.879,645 euros. That was then and has now still been the largest price ever paid on an online video clot. The current jackpot starts to get around with this amount. With the speed at which the jackpot rises, the record will be achieved quickly. Unless of course someone knows the prize before that time.

Chance of a million price with 25 cents

You can win a jackpot of many millions in different ways. Such a cash prize is not strange to the state lottery. However, to make a very small chance of the price here you have to buy a huge expensive destiny. The progressive jackpot slots in the Holland Casino have smaller prices, and here you also have to use 5 euros per spin to win the price. This is different at the Mega Moolah slot in an online casino. At this millions price you already have a chance with a commitment of only 25 cents per spin. This is the minimum bet per spin if you play with 1 cents per payline. When you bet a larger amount per spin then you make more chance of the jackpot.

Play Mega Moolah at one of these casinos

In the world of online casinos, the gold fever has been struck with the current state of the Mega Moolah Jackpot. Many thousands of people take a gamble on the video slot to have a chance to win the price of more than 16 million euros. As a result, the Jackpot amount also rises enormously. The moment you are reading this message, several thousand euros have been added. If you want to know the current state of the prize pool, you can best go to the site of Dunder Casino.. to go. If you are looking for the name of the game in the range here, you immediately see the intermediate position of the jackpot. Other providers where you can go to play Mega Moolah are: eskimo casino on Turbo Casino.... The game is the fastest by simply entering the name in the search bar on the website.