Published on January 29, 2022 in News

Microgaming has closed a new deal this week with a gamestudio. The company has entered into an official commitment to Pearfiction Studios. From 4 February 2022 the company is official Part of Microgaming.

Microgramming actually does not produce your own games for a few years. They mainly close deals with small game studios. These studios are part of the Microgaming Platform. This is usually quite difficult for a small studio to get in between.

Pearfiction immediately will launch a new slot machine for Microgaming

Of course the conversations have been going on a little longer and the news becomes immediate with The first slot machine celebrated. The first slot machine will be released in February and has a name Chicago.

Of course you can secretly recommend the theme of this casino. The website is all about American Mafia in America in the 1920s. The game takes place in the streets of Chicago.

The slot machine immediately comes with a few nice features. For example, a cash collavey feature comes. But more importantly the Big Boss Jackpot Reveal Feature. This means that a total of 4 jackpots can be won on the slot machine. The Mini Jackpot is AU$ 2,500, minor AU$ 5,000, Major AU$ 25,000 and the Grand Jackpot is AU$ 250,000.

The intention is that we can play on this slot from 4 February. Of course this is only in Microgaming's online casinos. Most online casinos have fortunately added the games of Microgaming to their collection.

Chicago Gold is not the first collaboration with Microgaming

Although there is an official deal with Microgaming, this is not the first cooperation between the two studios. For example, a while ago The Smashing Biscuit slot was launched. Apparently the cooperation liked so well that Microgaming has continued.

Microgaming has already informed that the company stood on the radar for a while. The collaboration from the past was pleased and the quality fits Microgaming. That is why the company decided to offer pearfiction studios a contract. With this contract, cooperation has become exclusive and pear phiction is no longer allowed to release games themselves.

Who is Pearfiction?

Pearficiton is a small game studio from Montreal (Canada). In recent years they have worked hard on a nice protofolio with games. A number of online casinos have picked up the slots from this studio. But unfortunately they are not known everywhere. Here will change the new collaboration.

Chances are that all games that they have released in the past are launched. They can soon find them under the Microgaming Name In the online casino. Two games that certainly know are worth his outerspace invaders and Gustavo El Luchador.

The CEO of Pearfiction is in any case very happy with the collaboration. Microgaming is absolutely one of the pioneers from the online gambling industry. If such a company wants to work with you, this is a clear recognition. This means that hard work has been worthwhile and produces your good games.

It is now aware of which games pearfiction will produce even more in the future for Microgaming!