Published on August 28, 2022 in News

casino software supplier Microgaming has prepared the balance. The software supplier is best known for the progressive jackpot slots. They have paid a progressive jackpot 8 times in the last 8 months.

8 players became millionaire thanks to Microgaming. The software supplier has paid out more than AU$ 130 million in progressive jackpots. A gigantic amount that the company is absolutely proud of.

Microgaming Is one of the few software suppliers specializing in building progressive jackpot slots. The slots are all a party to play. Especially if you have a chance to get a jackpot of millions of euros.

August is another top month for Mega Moolah

Jackpot number 8 was paid in August. Again it was hit again for the Mega Moolah slot. This is a slot machine where the records are broken regularly.

On August 17 it was hit again. The Jackpot of AU$ 14.6 million was paid to a happy player. The player got the honor to win the highest 2022 jackpot for Mega Moolah.

The AU$ 14.6 million is not a record. In 2018 a player won AU$ 18.9 million with a gamble on Mega Moolah. In 2015, the slot machine even found in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest jackpot ever cases.

Unfortunately, Mega Moolah no longer can be played everywhere. This is due to the high jackpots that fall regularly. Microgaming has Policy that Jackpots must be paid fully fully. This unfortunately cannot finish any casino financially.

Major Millions valt in juli

Not only Mega Moola was surprised in recent months. The Major Millions slot from Microgaming is secretly a bit of a polar slot machine. The game knew a lot to do well with a grand prize of AU$ 1.6 million.

Thanks to the Major Millions slot machine and Mega Moolah, 8 players managed to become a millionaire thanks to the Microgaming slots. Incidentally, this is only the start when it is up to the software supplier. They are planning to further expand the network in the coming period.

Later this year the third slot machine is on the program in the Mega Moolah network. Previously, Mega Moolah was just one slot machine on which you challenge a mega progressive jackpot. The network has recently been expanded with the Atlantis slot machine. You also have a chance to win the same jackpot like Mega Moolah.

Later this year there will be a slot machine where you also have a chance to win the Mega Moolah Jackpot. It is a while waiting for the slot machine and you can take a gamble on it.

Waag a gamble yourself on the progressive jackpot

Do you secretly dream of winning the Mega Moolah Jackpot? There are currently a few casinos where you can win the jackpot. In the Scatters Casino come across the jackpot of Mega Moolah and Atlantis. You have a chance to get a millionaire at these slots.

Who knows you will soon be the first player from the Australia who wins the Mega Moolah Jackpot! Until now it has not yet worked a one player from the Australia.