Published on April 17, 2022 in News

Holland Casino has announced the annual figures last week. 2019 was an excellent year for the Holland Casino. Turnover increased considerably and there were more visitors in contrast to the year before.

Unfortunately it was Holland casino Less positive about the current developments i.v.m. The Corona crisis. The casino takes into account a scenario in which they still have to remain closed in the next 6 months. As a result, they do not decide to pay a dividend to the shareholders.

In addition to the expectation of this year, the future plans have also been discussed in the annual report. Behind the scenes, the Holland Casino is still working on the opening of two new branches in Venlo and Utrecht. In addition to the opening of new branches, the Holland Casino is busy opening the online casino.

Holland Casino stores the hands in one with Playtech

If everything goes well, the Holland Casino may open an online gambling site in mid-2022. This is expected from the Holland Casino itself. The Australia government plans to grant the first permits at the beginning of 2022.

It has previously been announced that the Holland Casino hits hands in one with Playtech for the construction of the new website. Playtech has been a well-known software supplier for the online casino for years.

The company from the UK already went into a collaboration with William's Hill for the construction of an online casino. Incidentally, that collaboration is not over. Internal quarrels were created regularly about business operations and running the gambling site.

It even came to that a player only got half of the won Jackpot paid by a playtech error. So it's whether the Holland Casino does well to start working with Playtech for the construction of an online casino.

The problems that Playtech In the past seem to be a thing of the past. In recent years, positive sounds can also be heard from the company. In addition, the Holland Casino has a name in the Australia.

The Holland Casino will really care that the same mistakes are not being made as with William's Hill. The players can soon count on a secure online casino. Here both parties work hard until the Australia License is officially inside.

There are also rumors that the Holland Casino does not only take over existing playtech games. Playtech would also develop exclusively for the online Holland Casino to develop. This gives the website a unique offer.

Mid 2022 seems to be the goal

If we have to believe the annual report, we must have been patient for more than a year. Mid 2022 seems to be the goal for the Holland Casino to go online. The question is whether they can handle competition with the foreign online casinos.

The expectation is that not only the Holland Casino will have a permit in 2022. 180 companies would have already shown interest and have submitted a request. There is a good chance that there are also known foreign casinos for a Australia License to go.