Published on July 29, 2019 in News

When you visit Las Vegas in the summer month, the stifling desert heat is enough reason to stay inside the casinos as much as possible. In the summer months, the temperatures in the Gokstad come over 40 degrees Celsius almost daily. For this reason it is never so busy around this time in the city. This month you have an extra reason to stay at the casino play tables or Online a chance. Millions of extra residents in the city were added last week. Unfortunately for the casinos no tourists who spend their dollars with gambling. Las Vegas is currently visited by millions of grasshopways.

Insects on the street everywhere

It's a special face when you are now walking in Las Vegas. Everywhere you look at you see insects on the street. Casinos keep their doors closed in a smile in an attempt to keep the grasshoppen outside as much as possible. This only seems to be partially succeeding. There are also thousands of dead insects on the floors of the gambling houses. Yet you can get better at the moment than walking outside. However, in order to arrive, the doors will have to go even. With millions of locating grasshoppers, there are always a few dozen that still find their way in the casino.

Great migration by wet weather

Tourists and residents of Las Vegas do not have to worry about the grasshoppers. According to the Entomologist of the state of Nevada, the insects do not harm anyone. They bite or stitches and do not carry out diseases. Yet it is not a pleasant feeling to walk outside now in Las Vegas. Many tourists are therefore expected to shorten or cancel their stay in the city. The Migration Grasshopes is an annual phenomenon, but this year many times greater than normal. This growth is caused by the wet weather from a few months ago in southern Nevada. As a result, the insects can propagate in very large numbers.

Attracted by light on the strip

The reason that millions of locusts are now surrounded by the southern part of Nevada in Las Vegas has to do with the bright lights that burn every night on the casinos on the comic. The bright lamps that are normally intended to attract gamblers appear to have the same effect on grasshoppers. In the desert around Las Vegas, the city seems to be on a large lamp in the night and the grasshoppers are happy to come to this. The result can be seen in the video below: