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We have to report some cheerful news about a happy player who can suddenly mention multi-millionaire by gambling in an online casino from the one on the other day. A few days ago the Hall or God's jackpot fell deep into the night and this means that a gambler will soon expect the impressive amount of AU$ 6,719,561.71. As you now know, we love Australia loves this kind of stories. We have tried to find out as many details as possible about the winner. The man's experience will appeal to the imagination at many people and perhaps ensure that they also taste their luck on one of the video slots with progressive chickpot from Netent. We still wait for the first Australia online casino multi-millionaire.

37-year-old winner played on mobile phone

The last profit of the Hall or God's Jackpot has some nice details. For example, it is nice to know that it is a 37-year-old man who decided in the middle of the night to take a gamble on his cell phone. This is a reason for our List of best mobile casinos to consult again. The winning spider on the video slot has been very fast and this only contributes to the incredible story. The man had only placed 10 euros in betting when the happiest spider of his life posed. It is difficult to imagine how you feels yourself if suddenly appears to be shown that you have won 6.7 million euros. According to the winner, he was completely complete in shock for a few minutes. He will certainly have to blink with his eyes a few times and have pinched himself in his arm to realize if it wasn't a dream. This turned out not to be and it means that a brand new multi-millionaire Netent Casino has left.

Netent Progressive Jackpot Statistics

The Hall or God's Jackpot was the moment the Mega cash prize has fallen, the largest progressive jackpot of Netent. It was now 19 weeks ago when the prize was paid for the last time. Especially the last few weeks the amount has risen considerably, because more and more players wanted to try to taste their luck with the opportunity to win the enormous amount of money. Since the introduction of the lock in December of 2010, 15 people have become a millionaire on the video slot. This means that the jackpot falls almost twice a year. Incidentally also a nice statistics to share is that just after the first quarter of the year 2018, Net Entertainment has already paid more than 16 million euros in winners of progressive jackpots. There is still enough time to go in the year so we hope that many winners are added to the list.

Now that the Jackpot of the Hall or God's video slot has fallen, this cash prize has been put back at the starting level. Slowly it will find his way up again. However, what we see is that usually people first taste their luck on the jackpots to which height prices can be won. Below you can see the current position of the largest jackpot prices on NetEnt Slots.

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune Dreams

Hall of Gods

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