Published on May 14, 2018 in News

At Net Entertainment, they get better in the hypen of a video slot that will soon be coming. For example, the Swedish developer has made us extremely enthusiastic about the upcoming release of the Jumanji Slot, based on the famous film from 1995 that has been released in a successful remake last year. Already in the first month of the year the arrival of the game went to the Netent casino’s online Announced. On January 11, a short teaser video was set on the YouTube channel of NetEnt with some vague clues and the announcement that a short week later would follow. On January 17 there was a kind of trailer full of action images in which it became clear that a video slot with a jumanji theme would arrive. This month, more details are also known about the new NetEnt lock and we can see the first images of what us will wait next month.

Video slot based on popular film

The Jumanji video clot that will play next month will be in the online casinos with Netent games in their offer, a lock is again based on a popular film. A strategy that more and more developers apply. For example, a few months ago, NetEnt still released the Planet of the Apes Videoslot. It is not surprising that these games are well received by many gamblers in the online casino. First, because the feeling of recognition that one gets when playing slots contributes to an increased enthusiasm. In addition, Net entertainment also protrudes the necessary energy in the development of the slots that will be released in collaboration with a film company. They are games with the most beautiful animations and often packed full of special features. Add to a respectable payout percentage and that are enough reasons to look up the slot in the casino game offer.

NetEnt does not disappoint with Special Features

Also with the film theme lock that is about to arrive, NetT does not disappoint in the field of animations and special features. The game is even packed with features that will increase the tension during gambling and give you the chance to get mega prices in. For example, there is the wild stampede feature where all five roles, with a 3-4-5-4-3 distribution of symbols, begin to vibrate and suddenly you see a horde rhino running across the playing field that leaving one or more winning combinations . Or what do you think of the Sticky Vines feature where roots of a plant symbols hold on the rollers and follow some re-spins to expand the winning combination. You also see Monkey Mayhem also happen. A group of monkeys then breaks up the symbols to put it back to the roles in your advantage. Then there is the Jumanji bonus game whereby guaranteed cash prizes in it. There are really too many features to mention. Watch the video below to get an idea.

Take a free spins bonus on release date

NetEnt has announced that the Jumanji lock will be available online on 21 June in all casinos to play. Such a large release that has been built up as long as it will undoubtedly be accompanied by Free Spins Bonuses At different casinos. In most cases, these types of exclusive release boluses are offered only to active players, who have previously gambled with real money. They can regularly try the newest slots for free with a few free spins. We advise you to play at the casino that we are in ours Review as best rated to have. Here you can also take a no deposit bonus on registration.