Published on May 29, 2022 in News

High payout grades are becoming increasingly popular on the internet in recent years. More and more players want a gamble to this. Netent also sees this trend and decides to respond to this. Of the five most popular slots, they make a high payout grid.

On average, the payout percentage lies at a slot machine at 95%. With a payout percentage of 98%, little money remains for the casinos. NetEnt hopes to bind even more players to the games. Especially because the opportunity to win is great.

In recent years, Netent saw its market share shrinking considerably. Because more and more software suppliers appear online, it is difficult to stand out. In recent years, the company no longer released spectacular games. With increasing the payout hopes NetENt Weather players back to win.

Special 98% version of the popular slots

The five slots where it deals get a so-called 98% version. The slots where it is about: Twin Spin. Fruit shop, Guns' n Roses, Reel Rush and Butterfly Staxx. You recognize the 98% version because the game is called Reel Rush 98.

This means that as a player you can choose whether you play the normal version or the 98% version. As a player advise you to know for sure to play the 98% version. You know for sure that the chance is great that you will win a lot of money.

A number of neat fans are surprised that the company designates this selection as the most popular slots. Research has already shown that Gonzo's quest and Starburst are popular. Starburst is of course especially popular because of the free spins bonus that is regularly giving away.

Possibly NetEnt does not dare to realize the real Popular slots give a higher payout. Most casinos will then no longer choose Starburst or Gonzo's Quest for a Free Spins Bonus. For the casinos, the chance is too great that they win too much money during a gamble.

What does a payout percentage mean of 98%?

A payout percentage of 98% means that of every euro that goes into the slot is AU$ 0.98 back to the player. The AU$ 0.02 that remains goes to the prize pool and the casino. The AU$ 0.02 will be paid to the players who win more than their bet on a slot machine.

With a payout percentage of 98%, chances are that you as a player will win on the slot machine. This is why the games are so popular with players. There are only a handful of slots where you can play 98%.

Not all casinos are happy with the new release

For the time being, the new 98% version of the NetEnt slots can only be played at Unibet. Unibet can try out the games exclusively, but they will be online in a few months Casino’s offered.

The casinos have already indicated that they are not happy with the new release. A 98% slot machine means that little money is left for the casino. In recent years casinos already complain that the margins are getting lower. Too much money would pay off to the players.

It is for the time being waiting for whether all the casinos are going over. This is probably the number of casinos that the game is the first to take. If the number of casinos starts working with a 98% slot machine, the rest automatically follows. Purely because she must do this for the competition.