Published on February 26, 2022 in News

For keeping this website it is necessary to keep aware of the latest developments in the field of online casinos. For this reason, for example, I keep an eye on various sites that reports about the latest news, but also youtube channels of different software suppliers. This is the place where they often show that video slots are to come. One of the canals that I am close to the hole NetENt. A few days ago a striking video passed on the canal. After viewing the video in which the auto roulette game of NetEnt can be seen live, I had more the idea that this is an antireclame instead of trying to try out the game of chance.

View the video yourself at the bottom of this news item.

Auto Roulette Van Netent Live

Normally it should not be so difficult to make a good promotion video for Auto Roulette van Netent Live. This gambling is available in various online live casinos has enough positive features that one can show. These also come by in the video. For example, you see the studio from which images are streamed live to the internet. No croupiers can be seen here, but three roulette wheels. The balls are automatically rolled here with a mechanism. Hence the name Auto Roulette of course. This has the advantage that the rounds went smoothly smoothly and also in a predictable pace.

Another advantage is that due to the lack of croupiers all action can be introduced much better. This mainly has a positive effect when you play on a mobile phone or tablet. The playing field can then be a lot larger to your small touchscreen. For example, you see the standard roulette playing field, the racetrack and the overview with the last fallen numbers in an easy overview.

Loss of 319 euros in three rounds

So far nothing wrong with the video. We can see three rounds in which all the positive features and features of the game can be seen. However, where the problem is that in the promotional video of NetEnt for their gaming no, no round is closed with a profit. In three rounds, the balance of the fictional player from 10.450 to 10.131 and that makes it or she makes a loss of 319 euros. This will of course not immediately encourage people to try the game once in a Netent Live Casino. Perhaps the software supplier wants to give a realistic picture where people who look at the video think, I canceled much better and then they will never be disappointed with the result they achieve.

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