Published on February 15, 2018 in News

Last week it was announced by NetEnt, market leader in the development of online casino games that they have closed deals to make slots based on two very popular TV series. In this case it concerns the Series Narcos and Vikings. The behavior of online gamblers has shown that the video slots that are based on famous films and series are played enormously. People who are fan of the series are happy to play because they experience recognition during gambling. This makes a gamble to the online casino all the more fun. It is therefore not surprising that NetEnt, just like other developers, would like to trick these deals.

Some experience in branded slots

NetEnt has already gained some experience in the so-called branded slots. So be in Netent casino’s For example, on the internet, for example, all the Jumanji and Planet of the Apes slots play. To make these games possible, of course, deals must be concluded with the television producers who own the rights of the series. For the aforementioned series, this is Gaumont for Narcos and A + E Networks for the Hit Series Vikings. Due to this official permission and collaboration, original film images and soundtracks can also be used in the lock. For fans of the Series, this means that they will recognize more parts of the game. In any case, we look like fans of NetEnt video slots and the two TV series to the upcoming release of the games.

Narcos Video Slot

Most people will now be aware of the Narcos Series that is broadcast on Netflix. In the first two seasons, the life of cocaine dealer Pablo Escobar was depicted in this drama series. How the series would end was of course known to everyone that is with the death of Pablo Escobar. Yet a third season has come out and a fourth is planned. In it, life full of action of the members of another Colombian drug cartel is brought to life. The Cali cartel. How Netent the series will process exactly in a video slot is not yet known, but it is clear that it will be a theme that we have not previously seen at the online casino.

Vikings video slot

What NetEnt is to talk about, the deal that they have made with A + E Networks to process the Vikings series in a video slot. This series about a group of vikings that raise from Scandinavia with their boats in England and France is close to the heart. Natent is naturally a Swedish company and for that reason they believe that no other developer can do this TV series more right than themselves. We therefore also have high expectations of the Vikings video clot and are convinced that NetEnt will meet. You can assume that after reporting during the announcement of this deal, the necessary time and attention are paid to the game.

The release dates of the two slots have not yet been officially announced. When the first trailers of the games appear and the date of release is known, you naturally hear this from us. Maybe you can play all the slots this summer eskimo casino. It is also clear that it on mobile gambling Certainly the game is certainly possible.