Published on January 9, 2022 in News

The Swedish provider of online casino games, Netent, has released a new interface this week for the roulette games with live dealers that they provide. With the interface, NetEnt improves the live roulette for mobile devices. The way in which gamblers in the live casino see the action on their smartphone or tablet will soon be completely different. This makes it Gambling via mobile In a netent casino a lot more attractive. A change that was necessary to keep competition in the field of live dealer games of chance online.

Roulette visualize on mobile

The news that Netent the way live roulette is put into focus on mobile improving. As lovers of the live casino, we are pretty happy about that. The most iconic game of chance of the casino is not notoriously difficult to imprize. Certainly on a small screen, such as that of a mobile phone, which also functions as a touchscreen for operation. Roulette is therefore a gaming with a huge number of different betting options.

There are the 37 or 38 different numbers on which you can bet, but also the red / black, even / odd, high / layer and dozen courses on which plates can be placed. How do you get this clearly clearly clear while it is still possible for people to easily place their bets? That is therefore the issue with which the designers and developers of NetEnt started. Now there is a new interface where the company is very enthusiastic about.

Change for new interface

The new Live Roulette interface is called online by Netent a New Immersive Experience. As a player, you will be sucked into the image on your screen and it looks like you are in a real casino at the game table. This is of course the purpose of all providers of games of chance with live dealers. However, the objective is difficult to reach on the small screens of mobile devices. After seeing the changes that have been conducted, our opinion is that NetEnt currently offers the best experience.

A number of things have changed compared to the previous version of the game. For example, 18 recent cases are now displayed on the screen. This is almost half less than on the desktop version of NetEnt Live Roulette. Statistics and your favorite songs to be deployed are incorporated into a hidden menu which is easy to get rid of a single click. Players also have the option to hold their phone vertically or horizontally. A separate view is developed for both positions. A nice new feature is also the possibility to remove the racetrack and place all your bets here.

Fight with competitor Evolution Gaming

The new interface with which the roulette play on mobile devices is improved is the last in a series of improvements for NetEnt Live. For example, a new car roulette game was also released at the end of last year. The purpose of the game developer is to deal with competitor evolution gaming. This company is currently the undisputed market leader in the world in the field of Live Dealer Casino games online. NetEnt has lost some market share in this competitor in recent years. The series of improvements that are now being implemented are therefore undoubtedly intended to fight again with competitor evolution gaming. If the company wants to win this fight, then a bit more will be needed than a new mobile interface.

In the video below you can already get a preview of the new interface for mobile devices. The renewed version of Live Roulette will be available very soon in Netent casino’s.