Published on February 9, 2022 in News

After a slow start, NetEnt seems to be completely back. The software supplier seems to be busy building slots again. In recent months, the focus was mainly with the acquisition by evolution gaming.

Fortunately there is good news for the fans because NetEnt does what they are good at. A few weeks ago they released their first 2022 slot. Today it is time for the 2nd slot machine of the year: Rome The Golden Age.

With these slots, Nett takes you back in time. You go back to Roman times in which there was a lot of money to divide. This mythical world comes wonderful to life thanks to the 3D graphics that Really only Netent CAN MAKE!

Unique set-up in the form of a Roman shield

What is actually the first when you try to play Rome: The Golden Age? Well the unique structure of the game. The slot machine has the shape of a Roman shield. The winning combinations can occur on this. This ensures unique paylines and possibilities.

The setup is something different than you are used to in the casino. In total there are 5 reels, but the design is somewhat thrown. This makes it so much fun to try this game. At all if you are a fan of Roman times.

Discover the progressive free spins multiplier

If we are on one Play NetEnt slot machine Of course we go especially for the bonus features. The bonus features really make the game. This time NetEt knows to surprise us with a progressive free spins multiplier.

As soon as you have activated the Free Spins mode, you will receive a multiplier for every winning combination. But it also continues. This allows you to win more and more money while the Free Spins start to turn.

The big downside is that you have to wait a long time. It takes an average of 200 spins before you activate the Free Spins mode. So you have to be patient. The slockaast is a high variation slot machine with a payout percentage of 96.06%.

Not the best slot machine that NetEnt has ever made

Unfortunately we have to be honest about Rome: The Golden Age. It seems that NetEnt had little inspiration when making the slot machine. It is not the best game that they have ever made. This is a shame because they could have taken a lot more from this theme.

It is not known whether this game was almost finished after the acquisition by Evolution Gaming. Or that they missed a little inspiration through the acquisition. After the scenes, enough plays with NetEnt. We must not forget this.

But if we are honest Play ’n Go Better games delivered in recent weeks. If it goes on, NetEnt goes its position as one of the best software suppliers lose. Hopefully they turn the tide and they come with great games this year. Especially if they have finally found their shape within the new organization.