Published on March 31, 2022 in News

At the beginning of this year it was already known that NetEnt with the special Gordon Ramsay slot machine going to come. The software supplier knew to close an exclusive deal with the chef. After various restaurants and TV series, the cook can now be admired in its own slot.

Of course it may not be a surprise how the new Gordon Ramsay slot is called exactly. After all, it is the Gordon Ramsay Hells Kitchen slot machine. The slot machine is entirely devoted to one of its most famous TV programs.

In Hells Kitchen, the chef does everything to save a restaurant of the damnation. This usually does not start without exciting images. This way you see how Gordon Ramsay starts to curse if the staff doesn't listen. Or if another dish turns out to fail in the kitchen. This time you can experience everything from close by by deploying your money on the slot of this famous TV program.

Gordon Ramsay guides you during cooking on his slot machine

The game starts with choosing your team with which you will cook. Are you this time team red or blue? With this team you have to boil later and if you succeeded you have the winning team. The team that manages to win in the kitchen of Gordon Ramsay activates the bonus game.

The kitchen itself is colored red for half and half blue. This naturally fits the unique atmosphere of the teams in which you will record with each other. Gordon Ramsay will definitely comment during cooking. But compared to his TV program, the Brit keeps it civilized and tidy.

The slot machine is set to 5 rolls with 3 rows of symbols. 20 paylines on which you can try to make the winning combinations. While making the winning combinations, it is hoped that you are in the winning team. The winning team is rewarded with an extra bonus feature.

Activate various bonus features in Hell's Kitchen

In Hell's Kitchen there are different bonus features that you can activate. For example, with three scatter symbols you activate the Free Spins mode. The scatter symbol is of course none other than Gordon Ramsay itself. If you know how to activate you immediately win 10 Free Spins on the slot machine.

You can choose a team during the bonus round. You collected points for your team during the Free Spins mode. Will your team will soon win the most money? Then you can continue to the special extra Gordon Ramsay Bonus.

In the Bonus game from Gordon you get 15 cards. You can turn the cards one by one. You determine which cards are turned out. The cards give your bonuses and this can really be anything. For example a multiplier of 5 times your commitment or a few free spins for the Gordon Ramsey game. You can turn multiple bonuses and combine each other. But watch out! Do you turn a card three times with an X on it? Then the bonus game has officially ended.

You can do this new one NetEnt slot machine From now on play in the online casino. You actually come across the game in every Netent Casino. The slot machine has a return to Player percentage of 96%.