Published on April 24, 2018 in News

Striking news from the Netent camp, because this month they came out with the news that the developer's online roulette are also played on mobile. That the classic casino games is now only turning is striking. Nowadays, every online casino has already been a mobile optimized website and almost the entire game offer can be played on a telephone or tablet. That this was not yet applicable for the online roulette games was frankly a surprise to us. Earlier this year, the message came out that the Live Casino can now also play on mobile. Roulette with a live croupier was therefore available earlier. Maybe something on the late side, but the good news is that Netent Roulette Now also has finally received an HTML5 upgrade.

From flash to html5

When the first casinos appeared online, the smartphone was not yet invented. This was only introduced a few years later. The developments in the field of smartphones have gone super fast from that moment. This has ensured that nowadays we can do everything on our mobile phones. Soon the developers of online casino games realized that players would like to gamble on their smartphone. After all, they alleviate everywhere and whenever they want to take a chance with their favorite games of chance. However, the problem was that the games were developed in the online casino with Flash technology and this is not supported by mobile control programs such as Android from Google and IOS from Apple. To Gambling on mobile Therefore, another type of code is required. Now it is now clear that this is HTML5 code. Due to the upgrade of NetEnt, the roulette games are now available in HTML5 and therefore also play on mobile.

Benefits of Roulette on mobile

Now that you can also play the iconic casino game roulette on a mobile device gamblers from different benefits. An example of this is the possibility to log in everywhere you want to try to try your luck with roulette. The game of chance is also very suitable for a few minutes to play if you have some free time. Placing a few bets on the playing field and let the wheel spinning you can start and also stop at any time. With some luck on your side, the ball comes quietly on the song that your chips stand on. A loose number highly recommend at Roulette gives you a profit of 35 times the placed bet. This runs very quickly. 5 euros will be 180 euros and a deployment of 25 euros yields you a payout of 900 euros. You no longer have to travel to a casino location. Wherever you are, you can get your phone from your pocket and play a few jars of roulette for real money.

Preview of what you are waiting

NetEnt has placed a video on their YouTube channel in which you already get a taste of what you are waiting. The three different variants of the table game are discussed in the video. European, French and American roulette. See how to bet on the playing field and how the results are made known. We must say that it all looks very licked. Of course we expected this from NetEnt that makes the best games for online casinos. Do you also want to try out the new HTML5 version of online roulette yourself? Then go to the Eskimo Casino website where the games are available to play for free.