Published on November 5, 2018 in News

In the world of live dealer games, which can be played at casinos online, there are two major players. These companies offer the best quality and reliability for games by distance online live casino. Fervent gamblers will now know that we are talking about NetEnt and Evolution Gaming. The software that makes it possible to play live blackjack, roulette or other games of chance against real dealers can be found in pretty much any respectable online casino. What is also interesting to know is that the live casino games belong to the fastest growing forms of online gambling. It is therefore high time that we are looking at these two options available on the internet. In this news item we therefore compare the properties of NetEnt vs evolution gaming live dealer games.

Quality software

Let's first judge the quality of the software. Important for gamblers is of course that the live images arrive clearly and that the game functions without hitches. In this area, NetEnt and Evolution gaming do little for each other. Both software have built into a functionality that automatically adjusts image quality at the speed of your internet connection. So if you have UltraNel Glasfiber internet at your disposal, you will have to see the most clear HD images without any problems. If your connection is less quickly, the quality of the image is adjusted downwards. In this way, hitches are also prevented during gambling.

Gambling on mobile

Because people playing at an online casino are happy to use the possibility of wherever and whenever you gamble, we must also compare the functionality on mobile devices. Evolution gaming offers this possibility to their users much longer. In Netent casino’s If the live mobile gambling has only been possible since last year. We do have to conclude that just entertainment has lifted playing with dealers on smartphone and tablet to a different level. The way in which they manage the live action on the small screens is admirable. This is therefore the first point at which we have to give the advantage of the games of Netent.

Supply gambling

The next point at which we pay attention to our comparison is the selection of games of chance. If you have ever opened a live casino where both software will be offered, then you know who will win this fight. The difference cannot even be called Close. Evolution gaming is the market leader in live casino games and only focuses on this form of online gambling. As a result, they have studios with dealers and croupiers around the world. The gaming offer of classical games of chance as roulette and blackjack is many times larger. You can choose from more tables and the insert limits are more varied. Evolution gaming also offers various games of chance that does not occur in the NetEnt offer. Examples of this are poker, baccarat and wheel of fortune.

Other differences

We have already discussed the most important points in the previous paragraphs. Depending on what you find important you can already make a well-considered choice between the two live casino options. However, there are a few other different ones that might be able to take a decision in making a decision. For example, it is good to mention that the Live Blackjack Dealers from NetEnt always share cards from an automatic shaker. The old-fashioned Shoe is regularly used at Evolution Gaming. This can be an important difference if you are considering applying the counting strategy while playing blackjack. We have previously mentioned the difference in insert limits. However, we have not yet said that if you want to play as low as possible, evolution gaming is the best choice. Here you can already gamble for 50 cents, while you need to bet at least 1 euro at a time at NetEnt live games.

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