Published on January 28, 2022 in News

Online with real money gambling is nowadays the most normal thing in the world. Every day millions of people try their luck through games of chance to play via the internet. It is also super easy to start. There are thousands of casinos active online and record an account and then deposit money on your balance is just as easy as checkout in a web store. Of course you still have to ensure that you end up with a reliable gambling provider that offers you a fair chance of winning and secure your personal and payment details. This is obvious to the first step and we have also given tips about the Assess reliability of an online casino.

But now you have found a legal and reliable casino and you want to start gambling. Then there are still a number of things with which you can go wrong. They are things that may seem obvious to you, but if we read experiences from other gamblers online, then it appears that there are still enough people who don't know that you should never do the three things below if you gamble online with real money.

Specify false personal data

When registering an account at an online casino, your personal data will be requested. The gambling provider wants to know, among other things, your name, address and date of birth. Now of course we all want to protect our identity on the internet and remain anonymous as much as possible. You will therefore have entered a raised name or address somewhere once. However, it is not smart to do this when creating an online casino account. Never give up false personal data here. You can sometimes be expensive later. Often the data will not be verified in the beginning that you have completed. However, if you request a payout the first time, Identity and address will be requested. If at that time it appears that you have completed false data at registration, the casino has the right to close your account and seize the assets that are on this.

Depositing from Anders's account

You have now created an account with your real personal information and it is time to deposit money so that you can start gambling. However, you do not see the trusted ideal between the payment methods. You have no credit card on your name and the other options to deposit are not known for you. You may then think it's no harm to use your father's credit card, mother or friend. However, this can cause major problems. The conditions of the casino describes that you cannot pay with accounts that are not in your name. The reason for this is, among other things, to pay people with stolen credit cards. On the internet, dozens of people from people can read that thought that deposits from other people's account would not be a problem and who ultimately have not paid money that they have won with gambling.

Do not play bonus money on time

OK So now you have created an account with your own data and found a way to deposit money safely to gamble. It is then smart with your first deposit it Advantage of a welcome bonus to tackle. The ability to gamble with free money you naturally don't tell no. You do have to be alert again, because you can also go wrong with claiming bonus money. What you mainly have to pay attention to is that you play the bonus money on time. A wagon requirement comes with a bonus. You must first pay for this before you can pay off the money from the bonus and what you have won with this. Often the insert requirement is something like 30 times playing in 30 days. You can best fulfill the round plays as quickly as possible. If you don't do this on time, the casino takes the bonus money and the profit that you have achieved with this. You can just lose hundreds or even thousands of euros profit.