Published on February 5, 2022 in News

What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas. It is the slogan for the City of Sins that is known all over the world. Years ago the sentence made by an advertising agency to attract tourists to the Gokstad in the United States. Having regard to its meaning, it was intended to attract groups of friends who died a few days and nights. Nice gambling, parties and who knows which things even more that daylight cannot actually bear. However, you don't have to be ashamed in Las Vegas, because here everything and what happens can also stay in the city. Over the years, entertainment and therefore also the type of tourists in Las Vegas has changed sharply. So time for a new slogan and it has become: What Happens here, Only Happens here.

What happens here, only happens here

The new slogan for Las Vegas has been made up by the same advertising agency that has also made the iconic sense years ago. It seems that they didn't have a lot of trouble to come up with something new, because the sentence is composed of almost the same words. This decision has probably been taken to give people a sense of recognition when seeing the slogan. What is especially important is that the meaning is still significantly changed. After all, Las Vegas is no longer unique as a city to spend a sinful weekend. Gambling in casinos is nowadays in many other American cities allowed. What is unique to the city is the extensive choice of entertainment.

What's all about to experience in Las Vegas?

If you have never brought a visit to the most famous gambling town in the world, you will specify yourself what kind of entertainment there is to experience in Las Vegas. For example, it is an excellent place to visit concerts. We do not mean a single concert on a specific date of the year. No, well-known artists often come to give a performance in one of the larger casinos for a year every day. Vegas The place to be also for dance parties. DJ Tiesto is a child at home at the Mega Clubs housed in the resorts. Consider MMA and Boxing. The biggest battles that most money deals with are held here. This undoubtedly has to do with the large amounts that are deployed on this type of sporting events.

Advertising spot full of celebrities

To introduce the introduction of the new slogan to the public, costs are nor difficulty saved. A commercial has been developed full of celebrities that tell you why the things that happen in Las Vegas just happen in that city. Singer Shania Twain drives a horse through the comic, an MMA fighter, a Cirque du Soleil Show, Christina Aguilera and the band Aerosmith, among other things, passed in the 30 second spotlight that is broadcast in America on television.

We are curious if this slogan is just as popular and recognizable as the predecessor. Judge yourself.

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