Published on December 31, 2019 in News

It is New Year's Eve and that means that the draw of the largest lottery of the year has only been removed a few hours from us. Just before midnight, the New Year's Eve of the State Lottery will take place and at least one person will enter the new year as a brand new multi-millionaire. All millions of participants who have bought a lot of dreams of this scenario. Yet there is only 1 main prize of 30 million euros that will be awarded. What is the chance to win this prize if you have bought a lot? Is it the best chance to take out the year as a millionaire? Or are there alternative games of chance that you can better participate?

Chance of the main prize win New Year's Eve

The main prize that will be paid on December 31 has been around 30 million euros for several years. Depending on whether this price falls on a whole or a half fate, a 15 million euro price can therefore be given away twice. In any case, it is certain that there will be a minimum person's new year as a multi-millionaire. The price that is paid is also tax-free. The tax that has to be paid on the money won will be paid by the gambling provider.

What is the chance of winning the main prize during the New Year's Eve Lottery we have found in a study that was already conducted in 2011. This has shown that the opportunity to hit the millions price is only 0.00002 percent. This amounts to a chance of 1 at 4.38 million. If you assume that you also have to pay another 30 euros per lot of destiny to participate in the lottery, then of course you can of course make the calculation that you do not offer a very good chance of winning for your money.

The big winner every year is the owner of the state lottery. The Australia state. They deserve money on the gambling tax and on the profit that makes the lottery. An amount that many times higher than what consumers can win up to the maximum during the draw.

Lotteries with even less chance to become a millionaire

Incidentally, there is a good chance to drag the millions of price very much to the New Year's Eve. For example, a lot smaller than with the standard statistics of state that are organized during the year. However, lotteries in the Australia are active that offer you much less likely to become a millionaire. The absolute outlier here is the Friends Lottery. As a participant in this gamne you have a chance of only 1 to 345 billion to win a price of more than a million. The postcode lottery offers a better chance of the main prize than the state lottery. However, this cash prize is almost always divided by several people, so you have to play with several lots to get more than a million euros as a price.

Multiple millions pricing in online casinos

So you now know that if you participate in the New Year's Eve of the State Lottery, you are not determined high. Are there better alternatives that you can participate? An idea could be to use 30 euros on an online slot machine at which a million price can be won. There are several in this Online casinos with Netent Games to find. Some well-known examples are Mega Fortune, Hall or God's and Mega Moolah. These are video slots with progressives Jackpots. The amounts you can win are becoming increasingly higher as more people play and the price has not yet been paid. Almost 19 million euros were paid on the last slot a year ago.

Pretrated your luck on New Year's Eve and let the rolls of a video slot roll with progressive jackpot. Who knows, the main prize goes out in the last hours of the year. Spinia Casino... is a provider that we can recommend for this purpose.