Published on September 21, 2019 in News

That something is not entirely correct with the way casinos online control the age of players has been known to us. We have always found it strange that the verification of the personal data you complete only takes place when you want to pay money. With us it comes across as an unethical trick of the gambling providers. It is actually coming down to gamble that you can gamble under a false name or other personal data, but if it is time to pay profits then you will only intervene. Whatever a consequence of this system is that minors can gamble with real money in the assumption that they will leave. Money is earned here is outrageous and that problem is now also raised by the NOS that conducted an investigation into the age check at online casinos.

Control of age procedure

When you front Real money want to play at an online casino, then you must first create an account here. Signing up is a very simple process in which you have to complete some personal information, such as your name, address and date of birth. All in all you will not have lost you for 5 minutes. Often you can deposit money immediately after completing the registration procedure and start gambling. The data you have completed are not checked. This means that minors can fill in a false date of birth and thus be able to gamble with real money.

They only run into problems when they apply for a payment and then check the casinos. For example, a copy of your legitimacy is then requested. If it is then determined that your false data has entered, then you can whistle to your gambling games. The account is locked and the assets that are frozen. It is the reason that we will severalize people on our website to fill in false data.

Minors can gamble online

The late age check that casinos persist seems an unethical way of earning money. What is especially unethical thing about this is that in this way minors can gamble online. If they lose money, they can often go through this as long as they want to continue. Only when money is won and a payment is requested then it is only carried out. Much lower than in this way you can hardly make money. It is a problem that is now also raised by the NOS after they have investigated young people and the most popular casinos where they gamble online.

In the video under this article you can see which abuses have all been established during the investigation. Let it be a wise lesson for people who are not yet 18 years old and consider to give a gamble online. With this you can only lose.

Comments from politicians and casinos

The news item of the NOS has caused a lot of commotion. For example, various politicians respond that they found it outrageous that the gambling authority does not occur against the casinos that allow minors to gamble at their website. Such providers must be tackled hard is their opinion. The truth is, however, that the KSA is only really to intervene in such abuses such as the Australia Casino License and Associated Legislation has been entered. As is also said in the video of the NOS, the adaptation of the Gambling Act is very necessary.

Some of the casinos that have been tested have also responded to the age control issues that are raised. In a response, they let the threshold in a response to create an account as low as possible want to keep people off. So what they actually want to indicate is that they are afraid to lose its customers to another provider if they immediately check the completed data before being gambled.