Published on July 15, 2019 in News

About our Website with casino Reviews about Australia Casinos Online To keep up-to-date we stroll off the internet daily looking for new websites where Australia people can take a gamble safe and reliably. We especially see it as our task to ensure that you can gamble with the casinos that we recommend here without worrying about the safety and reliability of a provider. After all, you want to play games of chance that you give a fair chance to win. If you have made some profit once, you should of course also be able to trust that the casino won the money won neatly to your bank account.

It all sounds very naturally of course. If you have only found Casinos through our website, you will probably never have had a bad experience in these areas. You can get a false sense of safety as a result. For example, we have found various providers in recent weeks that offer counterfeiting slots.

Nagemeakt Populire Videos Lots

We go in this news item Don't name all online casinos that offer the fake slots. First, we don't want to find them publicity and, secondly, you get more than when we learn how to discover yourself whether you have to deal with such a deceiver. In most cases it naturally concerns copied popular video slots. It is therefore good to encounter the same games as the slot machines that you can also play in the Holland Casino, for example.

Book of RA is a good example of a lock that numerous times has been copied. There are also various well-known video slots that are very popular among online gamblers and there are also many counterfeiting versions in unreliable casinos.

Incidentally, we must distinguish between slots that resemble each other and really direct copies that are tried to give gamblers a false sense of safety. For example, various developers have made a similar game as the Starburst slot of NetEnt. Often they have not succeeded in approaching the quality of the original, but they are not counterfeiting slots that you offer an unfair winkel.

How to check whether the end is authentic?

When you feel that something is wrong with a video slot that is available at an online casino. How can you check if the slot is authentic? First we advise you to always make use of the possibility to try out the game for free. When you doubt something, you should of course not transfer money. The moment you start the game for the first time, check which logo you see during startup. Sometimes these are also copied, but usually you will not see the logo of the original developer in the picture.

Are you familiar with the original? Then you will see that often the animations used on the counterfeit slots do not fully match the original video slot. The colors and symbols look slightly less good. This also applies to the way in which the rollers are spinning and other special effects visible while playing.

Check the License of the Casino

The above checkpoints are there to quickly check whether you have to do with a counterfeit slot machine. If you have a suspicion here, you can check these two things quickly. However, it still does not give you a certainty that you are playing at a safe and reliable casino. If you want to know this, check the Casino license.

At the bottom of the website of an online casino, the licenses that have been obtained will always be reported. The Australia Casino License will not come across this yet, because it has still not been introduced. According to the current plans From 2022 the first legal Australia casinos online come. Until then you will have to play in providers who have obtained a license abroad. We recommend that you opt for a casino with a Malta license.

When you want to check whether a gambling provider is really in possession of this license. Copy the license number stated on the website. You then go to the website of the Malta Gaming Authority and here you can enter the number. You will then see if the license is still in force and in what name this is. This must of course match the name that is listed on the site of the online casino.