Published on April 2, 2019 in News

Doping scandals occur in all sports. However, the last professional athlete caught on the use of doping is a special story. This month has come exterive that the best card player in the world has used doping. It's about the Noor Geir Helgemo. The absolute number 1 bridge player in the world. Bridge is a professional sport whose tournaments around the world are played. There is even talk about the card game to an Olympic sport. Due to this professional character of Bridge, doping controls now also take place and the very best player has turned directly into the lamp. The Norwegian man appears to have used testosterone and a fertility medication for women. Opinions differ whether an advantage can be achieved with these resources at all, but the World Bridge Federation (WBF) has decided to suspend and decrease titles, medals and points.

More advantageous drinking coffee

It is still a striking news. A doping scandal in the world of bridging. A card game in which skill comes to look, but also to compare is with games of play as a poker and blackjack that are available in casinos to gamble. That is checked at doping is not so crazy. Bridge is a professional sport in which a lot of money deals with. The Norwegian Geir Helgemony that is known as undisputed number 1 comes out for Monaco. However, the auditors will probably not have expected that they would come across these prohibitions. Testosterone is intended to promote the growth of muscles. Here athletes can get more advantageous when practicing a physical sport. Bridge does not fall under this category. It is a thinking sport where optimum concentration is required for long periods. Tournaments sometimes last more than 8 hours. People with understanding of prohibited means therefore believe that a chart player would have had more benefit from drinking a cup of coffee than taking testosterone.

Use doping to better gamble

Due to the striking doping scandal around the number 1 bridge player in the world, a discussion has started on the benefit that can be achieved with the use of doping during the card game. As stated, experts in the field of opinion that the player could have getting more advantage of drinking coffee than taking testosterone. According to them, it would have been more logical to use resources such as cocaine and amphetamines. They enable you to maintain a high degree of energy for a long time and therefore losing your concentration by fatigue less quickly. Is it perhaps also an idea to use doping to better gamble? This is not recommended. The aforementioned means are also known for the fact that these influence on your mental condition. You may make reckless decisions under the influence of the means and that is of course not recommended during the Gambling for money.