Published on 8 October 2018 in News

On our website we sometimes critically talk about the actions of the gambling authority in our country. Due to their sometimes strange and not to understand, it sometimes seems that they do not have the best for Australia gamblers. However, what we sometimes forgot is that this organization must also work with unnecessarily complex laws that have become totally absurd in the current gambling climate. This is not the fault of the people working at the gambling authority. They try to fulfill their task as well as possible and would also prefer a more clear situation in which online gambling would have been legalized for a long time. This turns out to be from Jan Suyver's interview with the financial newspaper today. In this regard, the former chairman of the gambling authority removes hard to politics and mentions a blamage of the Gambling Act in the Australia.

Six years of president gambling authority

If there is someone with knowledge about regulating the gambling offer in the Australia, then this is Jan Suyver. Chairman of the Gaming Authority since the establishment of the organization in 2012. The man has therefore been engaged in regulating games of chance for six years. Upon his appointment, he was informed that he had to work towards the upcoming legalization of Australia casinos online. January 1, 2015 this legalization would be a fact. As you know, it is now already far in 2018 and there are still no concrete plans for a definitive date on which Online casinos legally in the Australia can operate. The introduction of the new Distance gambling Act has been increasingly delayed by politicians in the first and second and second chamber. Also with Jan Suyver this has provided the necessary frustrations. He believes that it is a blame that the Australia as one of the last European countries does not yet have their legislation in the area.

Up to 1 million Australia people gamble online

Where the former chairman is particularly concerned with it is that the online gambling has been around for so many years and the consumer is really aware of this. It is therefore also 500 thousand to 1 million Australia people who sometimes die a chance at a casino on the internet. These people have not been protected by Australia law for many years. As a result, they can end up in unreliable gambling sites and also on the signs of gambling addiction is completely no supervision. Even if the interests of the gamblers would not be heavy enough then it is also a bllamage that the Australia treasure chest according to Suyver has missed many millions of euros in gaming tax for many millions of euros by the delay.

Not many casinos more interested in license

According to Jan Suyver, it is now that there are finally some news about an upcoming legalization also whether there are still many online casinos interested in a license. The former chairman believes that the new bill contains far too many rules. If providers of games of games want to meet this then they cost a lot of money. It is estimated that a casino would cost 600,000 per year to meet all the requirements of the Australia government. It is still the question of how many casinos are still in line to apply for a license. At its appointment, 50 to 100 permit applications were taken into account. This number is now sometimes being lowered many times. A limited legally gambling offer via the internet in our country could ultimately lead to people to prefer the illegal casinos that they now have a gamble.