Published on February 24, 2022 in News

In 2019 it was finally decided that the gambling legislation in the Australia will change. The current legislation has been discussion since 2009. At the moment, online gambling is tolerated for players. But are not allowed online casinos in the Australia.

For Australia players this is very unfortunate because they do not yet get the chance to play in a real Australia casino. From 2022 the rules will definitively change and in 2022 we will notice the first adjustments by legislation.

In 2019, it was decided that online casinos in the Australia can apply for a license. The first licenses are provided in 2022. The websites that have registered are assessed in 2022 according to the new regulations. On approval we finally get one Legal Casino from The Australia.

What will you change as a player?

Of course it is important to know for you as a player to know what exactly changes. The reliability for online gambling is first increases. You can soon check whether a website has a license from the Australia. The controls at the Australia licenses become even stricter.

Secondly, gambling is tackled in the online casino. There will be a database that tracks which players gamble online. For this, players have to submit personal data for submission data since 1 January 2022.

Legal online casinos must ask for a copy legitimacy. For example, they know for sure whether the player is not a minor. All players are kept in a database. Suppose a player is gambling addict, then access to the online casino can be refused.

Gambling tax is automatically paid

Officially you as a player are already obliged to pay gambling tax. Provided your profit exceeds AU$ 451. In 2022, legal casinos must take the load for you. They decrease this from the amount they pay to you.

Some player is now trying to evade load. Please note that this is really possible from 2022. Provided you of course plays in a legal online casino. Most casinos will no longer permit Australia players. Only the licensed websites may allow Australia players.

The biggest change: Australia online casinos

The biggest change in 2022 is that there is finally Australia online casinos come. Here we have already awaited since the changes in the regulations. The Holland Casino and Jack's Casino are the two big names. They would like to conquer to the Australia online market.

As a result, we can finally be gambling in Australia. This is very pleasant for many players. You can also pay with iDEAL. Ideal if you have no confidence in foreign payment methods. Whether you have no good experiences with foreign online casinos.

It is still waiting for which casinos will really enter the market soon. 180 different companies would have reported. From 2022 the first licenses will slowly be released. So it will take a while before the range with online casinos really goes to grow.

Until then you can still gamble online on behalf of the tolerated policy. As long as you are going to gamble in reliable casinos, there is nothing wrong with the foreign websites. You will have to participate in this for the time being until regulations have really been implemented.