Published on March 20, 2022 in News

Almost all casinos and entertainment venues in the Australia and Belgium are closed by the Corona Crisis. This means that a large number of players can no longer gamble at this time. A number of online casinos saw their chance clean and decided to promote the gambling sites to the Australia public.

Most Australia people have been in the meantime to sit at home and really don't go anywhere. An online gamble can be a nice distraction. A number of gambling sites hoped to persuade this audience to gamble online. Even an advertisement on the internet came that online gambling corona is free and safe.

From Australia gambling legislation immediately decided to call the casinos. They did not immediately receive a fine, but a warning. It is forbidden for online casinos without a Australia license to place advertisements for online gambling.

The online casinos that came away with a warning have been lucky. Probably it was the first time they have made public advertising. In the past, fines of half a million have already been distributed to make advertising.

Online casinos still have to wait until they can make advertising

Although the Corona Crisis may be a reason to make extra advertising, the casinos really have to wait. The first licenses are expected to officially enter the first licenses on 1 July 2022. The websites with a license from the Australia may soon be advertised.

In November around 180 companies reported to the gambling authority. They all want to get a license for an online casino. Until now, the government is working to process these applications. Because there is so much demand it takes time to provide the licenses.

Initially, the planning was early 2022, but this seems to go out to June 2022. There is also a good chance that a number of sites will soon be allowed to test the license. For example, the Holland Casino would be eligible to be the first to receive a license.

Temporary rules to the license

Up to the License officially, there are unfortunately rules for the Australia online casinos. The casinos are obliged to adhere to this. One of the rules is very clear that no advertising may still be made for the casino in the Australia.

Another rule is that the website itself cannot be carried out in Australia just like advertising. No Australia domain name may also be used and even iDeal is prohibited. These are all rules to prevent Australia people from going to gamble before.

You immediately wonder if it is legal to gamble in an online casino. Fortunately this is not too bad for the player. For as long as you officially make a declaration at the tax authorities of your profit there is nothing wrong. This will soon be arranged automatically when entering the licenses.

The online casinos should only be patient despite the fact that the corona crisis is an excellent opportunity to advertise.