Published on July 28, 2016 in News

The time has finally come! After years of political discussions and delays, online gambling will also be legalized in the Australia. Last Thursday, July 7, the House of Representatives approved a bill to change the Gambling Act. The proposal for the amendment of the law, in which the rules for Australia casinos are described, were finished for ages. Here, a special Distance Change of Gambling is now added, making it possible for the Dear Australia casinos To get a permit for offering online casino games, online poker and sports betting via the internet in the Australia.

What is in the new law?

The Gambling Act (or Wok) has not changed the last 50 years. Therefore, no rules were described to regulate offering online gambling in the Australia. Two years ago is in 2e Chamber already made a bill to adjust the law. After two years of political discussions, the Australia is one of the last countries in the European Union that have decided to legalize online gambling. The biggest stumbling block in approving the bill was the gambling tax. Ultimately, it was decided that online casinos should pay a 29 percent tax.

In 2018 Legal Casino's

The best Australia casinos that meet certain conditions are given the opportunity to apply for a permit from the Australia gaming authority halfway through 2017. Foreign casinos can also apply for a permit. The conditions that the casinos must meet are not only related to paying tax. For example, the casinos must also cooperate in recognizing patterns of gambling addiction and report them to the gambling authority. After the gambling authority has checked the casinos on all points, permits are provided. This means that you probably only in the first months of 2018 in one Australia Legal Casino Can play online.

No doubt the Australia casinos will polder casino on Piano casino Being first in line to obtain this permit.